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We are doing this for a reason: This is our website’s most important page you will ever read and we needed some way to make sure this testimonials web page would catch your attention. Why? Because as you will agree feeling good in life is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity! And since you are a health conscious individual looking for real solutions to your health, these testimonials will help you make an informed decision on which route to take with your health once and for all.

And, quite frankly, there is ANOTHER reason we want you to pay close attention to these testimonials. Foods we raise or purchase in markets today are 80% depleted in minerals. This small number of minerals in plants is because of a mineral deficiency of the food producing soils around the world. This is caused by thousands of years of erosion, pesticides, air and water pollution and unscrupulous farming practices. This is why chronic illness is so prevalent throughout the world, especially in technologically advanced countries.

Extensive research is showing that without supplementation, it is not likely that we can eat enough food to get the full range of essential trace minerals required for optimal health and longevity. Research has also found that without adequate nutrients, our cells experience a breakdown that can lead to chronic conditions.

Chances are, right now you are almost certainly nutritionally deficient like 99,9% of the world’s population, unless you make major lifestyle changes with clinical nutrition and supplementation using all 90 essential nutrients for life for every day of your life, you are almost guaranteed to invest into a life of chronic pain and suffering through the use of dangerous, ineffective and costly drugs.

If your life is valuable to you and to your family, you’ll begin to understand the crucial role that supplementation plays with your health and how important it is to avoid the pitfalls of a careless attitude when it comes to your well being.

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  • “When I first heard about the product, I felt it was too good to be true. But with my acne rosacea, I felt I should try anything that might let me wean myself from a lifetime antibiotic dependency. Wow, after ten years of people avoiding looking at my face (unless caked with makeup) I not get people telling me, on a daily basis, how moist and healthy my facial skin looks. I started with two pills three times a day for a month. Now, I take 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM and if I miss a few days, big deal. I was in Minnesota for a week and lost my routine and only got one tiny breakout on the bottom of my chin after being without all meds for a week. Although you tell me that this is an antiviral, I have extreme foot pain that is supposed to be plantar fasciitis. I have found wearing high heels for 2 to three hours a day, makes me pain free. On vacation in Minnesota, I forgot to bring heels, so I bought a pair the first day and wore them like I do at home. But on the 6th day, my foot pain was back, like when I first started having the condition. The heels didn’t work. I had two days of hell. Had to walk on my tiptoes and thought I would just collapse in the airport and die. I got home, and got back into my routine – 2 pills to start the day off. I had 2 days of decreasing tenderness, but on the third day, never had to give my feet a thought. But later, I thought about the pain and what changed in my routine, and it was that I wasn’t consistent with the Wellness Extra. All I changed, besides being back at home, was that I was consistently using the product. And I don’t think about or are aware of pain in my feet anymore. I can’t believe the foot thing is viral, so I have to believe that the product is just a promoter of Utter Well Being-Ness. Now I realize that my feet started feeling better when I started with Wellness Formula. I think there is more than just the anti-viral power. I think your product is a healer. Like Bob Davis said, it gives you a Rebound. Thanks for making this and letting me be a part of it.” Eileen Bertie

  • “I have had a serious allergy problem for several years. I got so sick I stayed in bed for days. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I felt drained, depressed, and irritable. I experienced one infection after another. It would start in my sinuses and spread to my ears and chest. I tried every nutrient that I would hear about. Among the many products I tried Goldenseal, Echinacea, Ambrotose, Biomune OSF, Ag-Immune, Life Enhancer, Immuncical, TriVita Complete, and a score of other popular nutrients. None of them made a difference. Finally, I tried transfer factors. Within two weeks I felt better and after a couple months I felt like a new person. I feel energized.” Mary Martin

  • “I suffered with severe allergy symptoms for 8 years. Anytime there was a high pollen count I would experience swelling, itchy, red eyes, and terrible sneezing fits. I originally began taking transfer factors to boost my immune system because I had an infection. Transfer factors also balance the immune system. I took 15 per day for the first three days, then 7 per day after that. Within 10 days, I felt great. I have not experienced symptoms from my allergies for 15 months. I maintain a dose of only three per day.” Chris M.

  • “I have suffered from severe allergies for years. My allergist placed me on allergy shots and I took Claritin. After two years the shots were not accomplishing what my allergist had intended. I began to consume transfer factors. My allergist noticed a major drop in my blood markers for allergies. He ask me what I was doing. I told him about transfer factors. He decided to do a short clinical study on me. He told me to go off everything for three months. At the end of three months he placed me on nine capsules of transfer factors for six months. At the end of six months he was astounded and made the comment, ‘it is like you don’t even have allergies’.” Bettina

  • “My family and I have had a history of allergies. I tried allergy shots for 5 years to see no improvement in my condition. After trying every known antihistamine and antibiotic, I turned to alternative remedies. Recently I had been experiencing hives daily for three months. I had tried a number of remedies with no effect until I heard about transfer factors. After taking the transfer factors for only two days the hives went away and haven’t returned. My sinuses and scratchy voice have cleared and I have received several other side benefits as well including a renewed energy level. Yes, I want the world to know about this incredible medical breakthrough!” Bill Ormesher
  • Tourette’s Syndrom… My son has Tourette’s syndrome. He’s taking TF and Choice 50 (grape seed extract) along with medication to stop the tics. He is doing great with this combination. I also have a son who is ADHD who is taking TF and Choice %) along with the FibroAMJ night time. He sleeps well at night and ahs excellent grades in school. We are definitely a TF family… Sandl… NC

  • Tracy (smart mix zija)
    April 14, 2014
    Love this product…. I drink one first thing in the morning .. Have noticed a big difference in joint pain …. You get 8 in a box and you get 4 boxes
  • Transfer Factor applied directly on serious burns:

    “My son, who is a 20 year-old mechanic, was at work one day and a radiator blew up in his face. By the time I went to pick him up they had run a cold shower on him and the skin was peeling off his face. We went to an emergency care facility and they gave him pain pills and told him to put ice and silvadene cream on it. I came home and I said, “Okay, Tyson, we are going to try transfer factors. You’re going to give me ten minutes. You can handle ten minutes worth of pain.” I mixed the transfer factors in the cream, applied it to all of the burns, and within four minutes of application the pain was totally gone. That was amazing enough by itself. That night he slept through the night, and went back to work the next morning. He came home at noon and you could start seeing signs of infection. The open wounds were weeping, and I couldn’t keep the cream on him. Out of desperation I laid him on the floor, opened up the capsules of powder and applied them right to all the open wounds. Within four hours of doing that his face was 100% improved, the signs of the infection were diminishing, the weeping sores were going away. We did the same thing that night. We put two transfer factors capsules all over every part of his burned face. The next morning he woke up, came down the stairs, with a big grin on his face, and he said, “Mom, you are not going to believe my face.” I looked at him and there wasn’t an open sore. Tuesday night was the burn; Friday night he went on a date, Saturday he went water skiing and you could barely see that he had been burned. That should have been a minimum of three weeks recovery with scabbing and infections, but it only took about four days with transfer factors.” Susan B.

  • I’m going to tell you right now, this is a very good product and does what it say. It saved my dog 4 years of his life. My dog Ham was diagnosed with cancer and we were told it was stage 3 (worst stage for dogs) and he had 4 months to live without treatment. We were devastated. Feeling very low that evening my husband’s cousin came over talking up a storm about this new product he had found and all the amazing things it did. I immediately thought of my dog and would it help him. I jumped online and spent the next 3 hours searching everything I could and I found that many people where taking this for cancer and a small handful of people had giving it to pets. Not for cancer but they thought it helped their pets all the same. So, I talked my cousin into buying up 3 cases. He agreed and bought them on the spot. We got them a while later and I started giving him one packet a day. The tumour had major regrowth after surgery and vet told us he didn’t want to keep removing it from a dog who was so close to death. Within the first week of giving him the packet a day, the tumour was visibly shrinking. It shrunk so much that it wasn’t even noticeable. That’s really saying something. I gave him this for another 4 years. It kept him alive and the only reason it failed in the end was my family hit hard times and was unable to afford it for a while. It grow back rapidly without the Zija and by the time we got him more it had already take it toll on him. I’ll always be so thankful for those 4 extra years tho. Now I take this daily with my other dog. I’ll always have this stuff around.
  • Carlos P. (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, thyroid…I am 37 years old, and two months ago I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. The pathologist said that he was 95% sure that I had papillary thyroid cancer. Well, I didn’t believe him. So he gave the results to two other pathologists on blind study who confirmed that indeed I did have cancer. I was already following a nutritional program, so on top of that I started taking one transfer factors three time a day and two enhanced transfer factors three times a day. I took those on top of my baseline nutritional program for two solid weeks before my operation. They removed the entire thyroid and they could not find any cancer whatsoever. By the way, I have the lab results saying that I had cancer, and the follow-up lab results stating that I don’t have cancer. I am really happy with the results…
  • Shaylee….NZ (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, bone… My name is Shaylee and I am 19 years old. Last June I was diagnosed as having Ewings Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. While on chemo, I met a woman who recommended TF+. I took 4TF+ twice daily and there was immediate improvement in my wellbeing. But more importantly I was able to stop taking nausea tablets. I no longer take morphine for pain. From taking 25 tablets a day, which the oncologist prescribed I took a few TF+ and was free of pain and nausea. I now have a clearance of cancer all of which I attribute to the miracle of TF+….
  • Dr Rick Bennett.. HA (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, prostate… Dr. Rick Bennett’s father in law was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. His PSA count was 2000. The cancer had spread to the bones. He is in his mid-60’s. He cut out red meat and sodas, had Lukprone injections and chemo and radiation but didn’t have any improvement. He had heard about TF+ and secretly taking TF and TF+ daily as a test. After 6 months his PSA dropped to 10. Then 6 months later his PSA was at one. With no sign of bone cancer
  • Sharon S. (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer… My husband had been battling cancer for about 2 years now and his prognosis was not good. He’s had cancer for several years prior to being diagnosed, and wasn’t really expected to survive. He’s endured two rounds of chemo, and his cancer returned in 6 months. He had to go for more chemo that was even more gruelling than his first treatment and it completely devastated his immune system. He was ill all the time and continued to experience symptoms of his illness, including bleeding from the portion of the tumour that was not able to be surgically removed, as well as overall body pain and fatigue. Within 24 hour of starting enhanced transfer factors he said he felt just a dramatic increase in his energy level and a diminished body pain. And within 72 hours of taking enhanced transfer factors his bleeding had stopped. The most exciting thing of all is that his tutor has started to shrink and he has been on transfer factors only since this past August and he is now in his 11 month of being cancer free. The only set back that we have had is when we ran out of enhanced transfer factors and his bleeding started up right away again. Within 24 hours of restarting the enhanced transfer factors, the bleeding stopped and we decided that we would never be without this miracle product again. We have put our children on it. I am pregnant and taking transfer factors. My daughter’s allergies have vanished and no one has had a cold or sniffle or anything since we started this. It really is a fabulous product and I Like Page November 28, 2014 · Chat Find friends Transfer Factor – 
  • Susie Blaszczak (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, breast…I am 26 years old. A while back I found a lump in my breast. It was hard and didn’t hurt. My mother had breast cancer along with two of her sisters. They did an ultra-sound test and a mammogram. I was scheduled to go in for biopsy. I started on transfer factors. When I when in for the biopsy I happened to check my chest again and there was no lump. The doctor came into the room and I told him that the lump seemed to be gone. He checked me over and then sent me back for another ultra-sound test and mammogram. No lump! I am not sure if it was the prayer, transfer factors or both but I am so relieved….
  • Helen (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, breast…My name is Helen and I am a breast cancer survivor. I had to pace myself with every task I undertook. I wash my hair every day and always had to pause to rest while blowing my hair dry and I have very short hair. I went on Transfer Factor Plus™. After 11 days, I no longer needed to rest drying my hair. On the 12th day I went to a wedding. I danced most of the evening and the only thing sore were my toes due the fact that I hadn’t worn high-heeled shoes for so long. Now when my partner and I take the dog out for a walk I really have to watch my pace because quite often I’ll hear; “Helen slow down the dog and I can’t keep up.” I feel great and have energy to burn and friends now say I have a certain ‘glow’ about me…
  • CY/Malaysia (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, uterus … 4th stage cancer (started from uterus spread to lungs & liver), had her chemo done in September, started taking TF+ in October, and increased dosage to 12 per day in December. Her cancer cell count has come down from 500 count to 20 during her January blood test. She is much healthier now….
  • Nancy E Johnson (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer…Dr Vivian Matalon tells of a patient that had cancer which had metastasized to the breast, liver and brain. This woman came to her office on a stretcher and after taking TF fro several weeks she is now much improved and walking… Cancer, bladder… My granddaughter, Mary Katherine is 11 years old and was diagnosed with bladder cancer in Oct 1991. She had chemotherapy for a year. One type she took weekly, the other two she took every 3 weeks daily for 4 days. Needless to say, this took a tremendous toll on her body and immune system. When we heard about TF about 5 months ago, she started taking it. When she came back to Duke University Medical Canter for her check-up in Dec 2001 her doctor and nurses were amazed at her energy and overall wellbeing. She doesn’t have to go back except for a routine check-up in a year – no more dreaded tests. By the way, several of us in our family are now taking TF and TF+ as a protective measure, and guess what no colds or flu! Mary and the rest of us plan to stay on a maintenance regimen forever….
  • Bianca (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, brain… Bianca gave this testimony about a friend of theirs who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. He was given a new chemo treatment that assisted in slowing down the growth of the tumour but it was still present. He started taking TF+ 4 times daily. Since taking the TF+ he has had only one bout of illness. Doctors have stopped the chemo as his cancer is stabilized and his tumour has decreased in size. He is now able to return to teaching full time….Bianca
  • Mike (4life trifactor plus)
    UT Cancer, pancreatic… I have a patient who has pancreatic cancer and about 4 months ago he was given 3 months to live. He had been taking TF+ for 8 weeks (8 a day). He went to the Dr’s to have his blood tested. After the tests the nurse came out and asked if he had had a transfusion because the nurse could not believe how good his blood looked. Does taking TF+ affect the immune system? I’d definitely say so  Cancer, leukaemia… one of Dr. Markowitz’s young patients with leukaemia is in full remission and is taking TF and TF+ daily. His blood count remains good and the he remains infection free since starting TF and TF+… Cancer, breast… A patient of mine came to see me with breast cancer. It had been diagnosed 5 years ago. She had chosen not to do traditional therapy but to treat it herself. By the time she came to see me it was Transfer Factor – CANCER TESTIMONIALS
  • N Maxwell ND (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, brain…https://www.facebook.com/TransferFactor.ethanleeds/posts/1580873308802400[5/20/16, 4:14:51 PM] inoperable and the tumour was the size of a grapefruit. There was an ulcerated sore 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep. It was black inside and smelled horrible. I immediately opened 6 TF capsules and sprinkled them on the wound. I told her to get organic cabbage leaves, crushed them and used them as poultice. I also asked her to take 9 capsules of TF+ a day. After 6 weeks the wound was all healthy pink tissue. The patient is now having a skin graft to close the wound and tests show no cancer cells in the breast or lymph nodes… N Maxwell ND..NZ


  • Max…NC (4life trifactor plus)
    Cancer, prostate… In 1998 I found out that I had prostate cancer. I was told that my cancer was not operable and that I would need to take shots for the rest of my life. I chose not to do what the doctors recommended. I tried all kinds of alternative medicines over the next few years. Last year everything went downhill for me. I was paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors decided to perform surgery on my prostate to stop the hormonal feeding of the tumours on my spine and the lesions in my lungs. After surgery I was on medication for pain when a friend told me about TF+. After trying this supplement for several days I found I no longer needed the pain medication and stopped taking it. Today the tumours are gone from my spine and lungs are clear. I now take 4TF+ a day and took 9TF+ a day for several months
  • Cancer, multiple myeloma… I have Multiple myeloma and decided to try TF+. After 7 weeks on the product I had blood tests done. The results of blood work were very good. All the counts were up. I used to be on a runner and am now back to running 3 miles a day… Murray… MT 
  • Cancer, skin… I had a small cancer on my left temple that is gone. I have been using TF Renewal in addition to regular TF. There is no doubt in my mind that the addition of TF Renewal is responsible for this… Jan .. KA 
  • Cancer, breast… July 1999 I was involved in a car accident and in the resulting bruising on the right side, I discovered a lump in my right breast. It turned out to be breast cancer. I chose to have the lump removed by surgery. I then visited Noel Maxwell about changing my lifestyle and rebuilding my body’s immune system. I have been on TF+ for a year and have now been cleared by the breast cancer clinic… Robyne… NZ 
  • Cancer, lymphoma… I have an uncle who was hospitalized at Cornell Medical Center with lymphoma. He was sent home in Jan 2000 because they had nothing further to offer him. His white blood count was 150. The normal was between 4,000 and 10,000. The uncle’s son is an MD and did not want anything to do with TF for his father. However my uncle did start taking TF and within 2 weeks his WBC was at 4,000. The MD is now looking for natural approached for illness. The uncle continues to improve and takes 2TF daily and 1TF+ daily… RHEA. 
  • Cancer, throat…I have suffered from cancer in my throat. The last time I visited my radiologist he exclaimed “What have you been doing for your throat, it looks wonderful. I am so thankful for enhanced transfer factors. I believe it is a lifesaver… James McDonald 
  • Cancer, liver… I started Chemotherapy Oct 2, 2001, once a week for duration of an estimated 4 months therapy. I finished early with what I sincerely believe to be the help of TF+. I took one 3 times daily for a week, then two 3 times daily until the 3rd month. The remission seemed to be going so well that I boosted the dose to five 3 times a day with green tea ( a known cancer fighter) and declared war on the tumour in my liver. The tumour is now completely gone with only lingering effects of chemotherapy. The condition of the liver from the first C-scan to the last showed a dramatic difference. The area of the liver affected the first time seemed to be completely repaired. I will continue to take TF as a preventive and maintain a dose of one 2 times daily… William J… NC 
  • Tumour, brain … A doctor here is France tried TF+ on a patient with a brain tumour who had not spoken for a month. After 5 days on TF+ the patient is speaking… France
  • “Your product (Wellness Extra) has revitalized my life. I am a 59-year-old man who has been going through a very stressful time in my life. Having been I injured (knees) severely I have been reduced from running 4 ½ miles every day along with doing 200 sit ups per day to not being able to do any exercise at all. This along with other issues in my life caused my body to shut down from extreme stress level I was under and went from 210 lbs to 295 lbs. Then to add insult to injury my doctor told me I was borderline Diabetic and that I have prostate cancer. Not my finest hour. And then my wife brought home your product. I have been taking it for approximately 3 months. The following is what happened to me in this three-month period of time:

    1) For the first time in my life I didn’t get a winter cold.

    2) My body has stopped producing skin cancer (basil) and the ones that were here already appeared to be going away.

    3) And most important your product (Wellness Extra) has turned on my body’s ability to lose weight again without doing any exercise at all. I have gone from 295 to 252 as of today.

    I am a retired Aerospace Engineer and am probably the world’s worst sceptic of products that claim to do something and don’t. Well, I am here to tell you that not only does this product do what it claims to do, it does one heck of a lot more. Thank you so much for introducing us to your product. Yours truly,” Clint & Jan H

  • Cystic fibrosis… My granddaughter, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 11 months of age, had trouble gaining weight and was vomiting and coughing. After 3 months on transfer factors, she’s gaining weight, has energy, and is down to an occasional dry cough… Keith M.
  • Cystic fibrosis… We have a teenager with cystic fibrosis who started taking TF+ 6 months ago and has had no infections since then. She previously had a history of a minimum of 1 infection monthly requiring antibiotics. If I had a child with CF, he would be on both TF and TF+ daily for the rest of his life. I am heartbroken over how many previous CF patients I have over the years who could have benefited from these products…. Dr David M
  • Cystic fibrosis … I have had a problem which was never diagnosed by my medical doctors (it seems to be in the head -culture negative and loads of antibiotics). My signs were consistent with interstitial cystitis. I experience unrelenting pain for days, and a very depressing life style for over 9 years. I started with enhanced transfer factors at 2 – 3 times daily and after about 10 – 14 days, went to maintenance dose, and whenever signs recurred a tingle – I took more. I only had 3 – 4 recurrences of signs which never developed, and this had never happened prior to taking enhanced transfer factors at any time. I have been 2 months sign-free, the longest I have ever been without signs. I am one of the successes of enhanced transfer factors. I am very pleased and grateful pleased to have quality of life back… Annie
  • “Over the years I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have tried many different treatments and remedies through this course in time to improve my energy level. A family member recommended I try the Wellness Extra for my condition. After taking the capsules for one week my energy level improved, I started feeling less tired and felt my overall health had improved dramatically.” Amy G.
  • Crohn’s Disease… I have suffered the pain and helplessness of Crohn’s Disease since 1976. Over the years, I have searched everywhere for relief and information, with the help of my husband and family. In 1986 & 1990 I had bowel resections, with no medical insurance. I have taken part in two clinical trials, at Cedars Sinai Med. Centre, in Beverly Hills, Ca., within the last five years and the travel and expense has taken a toll on our finances. I have tried it all from Ozone to Remicade, with only short term relief or no help at all. In October of 2000 I was told I have kidney disease ( IgAN ), which is also an auto-immune condition. This doctor told me the exact same thing I was told for the Crohn’s, “We don’t know what causes this, don’t know how to cure it and advise mega doses of steroids. “At this point I knew I needed something to boost and modulate my immune system, as my body could not stand more Prednisone. A few days later my husbands’ good friend told us about TRANSFER FACTOR and I knew it was an answer to my prayers. I began taking 6 Transfer Factor and 4 BioEFA per day on January 9th, 2001 and within two weeks my husband and I noticed a remarkable improvement in my energy, I have no more pain and life is fun again. All this with no horrible side effects of steroids or antibiotics. I am getting my life back, after 25 years, and no words can express my joy and happiness… Linda S.

  • Crohn’s disease… I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1991. Throughout the past several years I have suffered from constant pain in my abdomen along with irritability and other symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease being an inflammatory bowel disease also causes malnutrition. Along with the Crohn’s, I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus also known as chronic fatigue. I had to take several naps during the day just to be able to regain my energy to perform little tasks. I chose not to take the drugs that were prescribed to me. I looked towards alternative forms of treatment. Over the years I have tried many forms of therapy and supplements to help fight the Crohn’s. I even went to a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico to try some new alternative treatment. The most relief that I would have would last for a few weeks. I’m 6’2″ tall and my weight was down to 167 lb. I just learned to live with it. In September of 1998 I learned about 4 Life Research and Transfer Factor™. After taking Transfer Factor™ for a month I started to notice that I was sleeping through the night without any pain or irritability. Then I noticed that I could eat foods that I had stayed away from due to the pain they would cause. My energy level was lasting longer throughout the day and I wouldn’t have to take naps. It has now been five months since I started on Transfer Factor™ along with the Bio-EFA (essential fatty acids) and I have had absolutely no symptoms of the Crohn’s disease. My weight is now 187 lb. and I feel great. The best part is I now enjoy eating healthy foods that I couldn’t eat before… Dave D.

  • Crohns Disease… A 51 year old man with Crohns disease and no spleen. Had been ill for many years. He had tried many different nutritional products with none of them really helping. After he started on TF he state he has never felt better. Always ill with something he has not had a cold of flu since taking TF. He now has appetite and is gaining weight….C…MI
  • Crohns Disease… My name is Kevin. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, my world was tipped upside down. The treatment (steroids) was far worse then the symptoms of the disease, but I needed support for my digestive system. I found it in 4Life products. I love them and have not taking the meds once and I live symptom free! 

  • Crohn’s Disease… My name is Michael, I’m 22 years old, and I’m from Enfield, Connecticut (USA). I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease on May 1st of 2000. I had been to numerous doctors throughout my life, with complaints of horrendous symptoms: only to be told it was all in my head. It usually felt as if I was being stabbed constantly around the lower right section of my abdomen. I had seen 16 doctors in total; ranging from General Practitioners, GI specialists, and Endocrinologists. I believe I had the disease for well over 10 years (Since age 12 or earlier). In the 10 years I went searching for answers I was misdiagnosed with everything from Anorexia, Manic Depression, ADHD, Severe Depression, and just random social anxiety. This year I had actually begun losing a lot of weight. Every week that passed between Christmas 1999 – May of 2000- I noticed about 5-10lbs being lost. I was 205lbs in December and shrunk down to a meagre 125lbs in 4 months. I remember waking up one afternoon to go to work, and seeing myself in the mirror as I passed it to get in the shower. I realized that the person I saw in the mirror wasn’t recognizable. It was at this point I became scared. I began researching online, calling doctors, and searching for answers. Eventually I was no longer capable of walking. I became so weak that I would go into shock If I even attempted to get out of bed. I decided that if the doctors wouldn’t allow me to come to them, then I would force them to see me, by being carried into the ER. At the ER they ran general tests, (Blood pressure, checked eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and took a urine sample) and found…. “get this!” *Nothing wrong*. I asked if an Upper GI could be done or perhaps some general blood testing for anaemia, because it was suggested that Crohn’s Disease may be the cause by a close friend. They “shrugged” and said they didn’t have time, or someone available to run the tests. Can you imagine the nerve of someone telling me in the Emergency Room that they didn’t have a person available to run an Upper GI or general blood test? I became infuriated, and more upset. As I was leaving the hospital via wheel chair I asked the nurse if she could get me a large trash bag. She then immediately asked; “why do you need such a large bag?” I then responded saying; “I have to have something large enough to carry all my symptoms, and suffering out through this door.” She then gave me a disapproving look, and I got even more bitter. Eventually I was diagnosed correctly. Conventional medications (Prednisone, Methoxtrexate, Imuran, Asacol, and Remicade were all failures for me). They allowed me to survive, but the quality of my life was severely limited. I was still to weak to leave my house, and the side effects of these conventional treatments left my body withered, and fatigued. After 6 months of research, and scrutinizing through subject matter related to immunology, bio-chemistry, and differing theories on the causation of Crohn’s Disease I was introduced to a product called Transfer Factor Plus by a women named Bonnie. The research I had been doing on Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis (theorized bacterium trigger/cause of Crohn’s Disease, and Johne’s disease) correlated directly with the product, and contained exactly what was necessary for me to overcome the infection. It was at this point that I had to implement the treatment, and see if the expected results would in fact ring through. I have been on Transfer Factor Plus, and 4Life’s Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) for 3 weeks, and I am doing “wonderful”. All symptoms related to the disorder have vanished, and I continue to take 9 Transfer Factor capsules per day, and 4 EFA capsules daily! As my body heals from the damage done by the illness I’ll take this time to build a business at home being a distributor of 4Life, and its innovative products. I’ll advocate the use of 4Life’s products for those who continue to suffer with these silent conditions. That is in fact what Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are *The silent diseases* We who suffer with these diseases put on such great facades to cover our shame, and embarrassment, all the while going home at night to clench our pillows against our abdomens, and cry ourselves to sleep. You no longer have to suffer alone, and there is a treatment regimen available to end your debilitation.

  • Fibroid Tumour… A woman had fibroid tumours in her lungs not malignant and an antibiotic resistant stuff infection. Seriously ill. She started on 6TF+ a day and made an amazing recovery… Bonnie P … NC
  • Colds…In July I acquired what I assumed was a common cold. Two days later my cold had become severe. I started taking TF+ at the rate of 3 capsules every 2 hours and proceeded with my activities. By afternoon I was feeling much better and my evening my symptoms were gone so I stopped taking TF+. The next morning the symptoms were back so I continued taking TF+ for two more days. I haven’t been sick since and would not be without the product. I consider TF+ a doctor visit and prescription in a bottle… Jack NC 
  • Cold Sores…Recently I have had two bouts with cold sores that I have been afflicted with all of my life. The first of the last two incidents I was given some Transfer Factor and was told that others had seen good results with dabbing some on their cold sores. I will try anything to get rid of these painful sores. I did open a capsule and applied some of the powder to the sore. The powder doesn’t stick very well so I actually did this about three times before going to bed. The next morning I was pretty impressed that the sore had not grown any bigger and actually was already starting to decrease and heal. About six weeks later another sore started. Again I applied some of the powder out of a Transfer Factor capsule. To my amazement the next morning the sore was itching (a sign of healing). Two sores, two successes. If a cream is ever made for just this reason I will be first in line to buy some! … Patty Westover 
  • Colds…I’m very, very excited about Transfer Factor. My family has been using it every day for over two months and I can tell you we feel a difference already. My son who’s only two years old gets colds which usually go right to his ears. Since I began giving him Transfer Factor, he hasn’t had a cold or an earache! This product really helps build up his immune system… Teri
  • Cold… I had ignored a cold for over 2 months and it was getting worse and worse. I was totally exhausted and for me, that is not a normal way of life. I was introduced to transfer factors. Within 3 days, I felt like a new woman. I was up and moving again. I have loved it. I would recommend it to anyone… Billie T.
  • Colds…”4Life™ Transfer Factor™ knocked out my summer cold within 24 hours… Dr. Gary H.
  • Cough, congestion….I have a granddaughter that’s fifteen months old. She’s been sick for about three months with a cough and a lot of congestion. She has had stomach flu off and on. We’ve tried everything. We’ve taken her to the doctors without success. We finally gave her transfer factors, and within a week she was better… Patricia Tavish
  • Disc disease… After a third surgery, I have degenerative disc disease, I found transfer factors. After 3 days I could turn my head, and touch my toes… Mark F.
  • “I have some major health concerns and I wondered how I would know when and actually if transfer factors were kicking in. It didn’t take long. The day my first order from this company came, I had a “shoot me” of a cold blossoming. The thing is my colds always turn in to bronchitis. I was really prepared for the initial feat. I started the transfer factors and three days later, every cough and sniffle was absolutely gone and I was totally amazed. The other thing that happened was, I had a hole in my face, and now, I know this sounds strange, but it’s the best way I can describe what a cosmetologist did to my cheek, 23 years ago. About every two weeks, I would have to do my ritual cleaning and poking around so the spot wouldn’t get infected. It was actually a 5mm hole. Well, about two weeks ago I got all of my stuff together getting ready for my ritual and I got my magnifying mirror and know what, that hole was gone. This is after twenty-three years. That hole was gone! You know, I always was one who caught every bug coming down the tide. I realize now that it wasn’t that I was born under some sort of a cloud. Now I see and now I know it was because my immune system just never had the “oomph” to protect me effectively. Now, this is the first time I am really hopeful that one day I am going to be able to say that my long standing health issues are finally dissolved. And until then, I’m going to tell the rest of the world about 4Life and transfer factors.” Rebecca N.
  • “I have a small health food store and transfer factors have been the greatest product that I have come across in ten years. I’ve never had anything that’s given me the constant feedback that transfer factors have for allergies, asthma, chronic sinus infections, colds and flues–just on and on. I’m just so grateful to have come upon this and I thank my up line.” Diana H
  • “Flying back and forth to the east coast from California several times a year always gave me some Cold, cough or sore throat—every single time. I flew to New Jersey about 10 days ago and returned last night. I just had to let you know I didn’t get even a sniffle! I have only been taking the Humic Acid for about 5weeks so far. But now I can fly without worries—this is great!” R.S. La Costa, CA

  • “My wife has been using Humic Acid for a year now. She finally convinced me to try Humic Acid when I last caught a Cold. By the second day, my cold was gone. I’ve been taking it ever since and haven’t had a cold for 6 months. This stuff is great!” J. C. San Diego, Calif.

  • “I came home from college and was just starting another Cold passed around the dorm. My colds usually last around a week or so. My dad gave me some Humic Acid when I got home and in 3 days I had completely forgotten about the cold–no cough, no runny nose—it’s great.” J. B. Santa Barbara, CA
  • “I’ve gotten at least one Cold every year that turns into Bronchitis. I’ve been taking 2 Humic Acid tablets per day for the last 8 months, and have had hardly a sniffle!” M. A. Visalia, CA
  • “I just returned from spending some time with my family in Trinidad and they all had some Cough and Cold spread around between them. I kept on taking my pill a day and I never got anything at all. Even with all the family hugs and greetings—I did not get sick the whole time I was home! Now my whole family wants to use Humic Acid!! It is truly wonderful.” O. N. Oceanside, CA
  • “I bought the Wellness Extra as are commendation from a friend. Both of my children had ear infections, as secondary infections, due to colds that they kept getting over and over again. This was the first time either of them had ever had an ear infection (thanks to breastfeeding) and they were miserable and in pain. Susan sent me home with about 3-4 days’ worth of Wellness Extra, for the three of us, to beat the cold that was coming back, once again. Guess what? It Worked!!! The cold stopped progressing and in about 2 days it was almost gone. I immediately ordered a bottle from the website. Since then we are now on our second bottle (now of 60 count to last longer) and I have told many, many friends about it too. So far, one other person tried it out on her son that was also getting sick all the time. She said in one day he went from a nose pouring with mucus to none at all. She too is amazed by how wonderful your Wellness Formula is. I can absolutely, completely say that this product is wonderful. I do not have the money for all three of us to take it on a daily basis, but anytime we feel a cold or illness come on, we start taking it immediately and we are feeling better in a blink of an eye. The only negative thing is that I hadn’t heard about this sooner. I wish I had it when my son was a toddler and getting colds and flu’s monthly. Now, he hasn’t had a bad cold or flu in months! Thank you!!! Sincerely,” Deborah D.

  • “Hi guys, sorry for the delay on the email! No questions right now on the pills but am interested in the skin products. I have rosacea and really red ruddy looking skin. Is this something you think could benefit from the skin sprays? Anyway, here is my testimonial: Due to some fairly stressful situations in my life, I had been experiencing a terrible state of health for many months. I had literally experienced a cold / stomach flu / minor illness once a month for about six months. My family and friends, even my boss, were commenting on how I need to do something to turn my health around. I could not seem to get my immune system to withstand anything. Then I started taking your product! The first few weeks went by and I started feeling really much stronger and more energetic. Then the first month went by….no illness! Then month after month I continued to stay strong and would have people all around me at the office, my young children and husband, get sick and I would not. It literally felt like a miracle! Then due to moving twice in a short period over the Christmas holiday, I ran out of the product and did not find the time to order more of the capsules. Within a month of being off it I was sick again! And I got sick exactly one month later! I finally got the message loud and clear and ordered some more of the product. In my experience Wellness Extra has been one of the best ways I have found to strengthen my immune system and give me more energy! I am a total convert. Thanks again and would be interested in more info on the skin products for sure.” Sorel

  • Buddy S. (super mix zija)
    I take the super mix, it has corrected by Diabetes, 6 months ago my A1C was 11.8 and this month when I went in for my 3 month check up my A1C is 5.6 so I don’t dare stop taking my Zija Super Mix and I have found it on Amazon for a 1 month supply

  • alliecatz (super mix zija)
    Worth every penny!
    One of the few products that does what it says. I tried other brands but NONE work as well as Zija for helping with my blood pressure and my husband’s diabetes. I truly believe this IS a miracle plant because neither he nor I have been sick with the flu/bugs that everyone seems to get each winter and we usually pass those around in our family. The anti-inflammatory properties are great as well….if I go more than about 5 days without it I can feel those aches/pains/stiff muscles and joints that I had forgotten about since I started using this product. It is pricey….but worth EVERY penny!

  • Diabetes…I have had diabetes for 38 of my 49 years and I’ve had kidney disease since 1986. In August of 1999, I went for my quarterly blood test for my kidneys. The physician called me after the test was taken and said, ‘Not only are your kidneys functioning well, after fourteen years, their function has improved dramatically.’ My BUN (blood urea nitrogen) was near normal after fourteen years of it being almost twice as high as it should be because my kidneys weren’t filtering well. The only supplemental change in my life was Transfer Factor. Only once in my life did I endorse a product. I’ve been on an insulin pump for seven years, and I’ve allowed my name, face, and testimony to be used nationally. This is the second time, and it took a lot to convince me. Not only did it reverse my kidney disease, but this is the first year in sixteen years that I haven’t gotten a flu shot or gotten the flu or bronchitis.” Marc H. Blatstein Former President of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation; Philadelphia Chapter

  • Diabetes…My husband Nelson was diagnosed with diabetes in January of this year. When Nelson went to the doctor his blood sugar count was 450 within 3 months we had it back down to 110. The doctors office even called our house in astonishment about how quickly things had gotten back to normal. Especially since in monitoring Nelson every week the doctor was concerned that the medication he had given Nelson was not working properly. That is when we added transfer factors. Within 3 days Nelsons levels started to drop. Also with diabetes comes certain skin disease, one of which is psoriasis. Nelson has had it very severely on his head that he was embarrassed when he was out due to flakes or getting his hair cut because it looked so awful. It would itch so badly that in his sleep he would scratch his head to the point of bleeding. Then 4-Life came out with TF Spray with colloidal silver. We started spraying that on his head every night. Not only has the severe itching gone away but his head is clearing up and the psoriasis is going away. We are both very grateful to this company for the products they have come out with that help us have a much better quality of life… Mickey B

  • Diabetes, Type 2…My father, who has Type 2 diabetes, on insulin has been on TF+ for 30 days now. His blood sugar levels have dropped to the point that he has (for the second day now) eliminated his insulin shots and his blood sugar levels have remained consistent (about 150 or so) Hooray! He is so excited! My mother in law, who is Type 2 also, but not on insulin experienced a rapid decrease in her blood sugar levels after 1 day on TF+. After 4 days she was down as low as 99. She ran out of TF+, and went without for 5 days, and her sugar levels went back up to low 200’s. She is also very excited at the results! 2 down and 4 more Diabetics (in the family) to go! … Melissa

  • Diabetes… I was admitted to Tenet Parkview Hospital on April 12, 2001, with a diagnosis of diabetic Charcot neuroarthropathy. Both of my ankles had undergone a crippling disease process. I had numerous bony deformities, and was given the option of amputation, but elected to have extensive reconstructive procedures performed on both of my ankles. Being an insulin-dependent diabetic for greater than 45 years, I was thought to be at risk for delayed healing and infection. I was taking enhanced transfer factors and had no previous problem with infection or poor wound healing. I required numerous fusions with internal fixation to stable my feet in neutral position. This was performed in order to allow me the ability to walk. At the time of my first post-operative cast change in 10 days, I showed no signs of wound infection or wound dehiscence. I exhibited mild swelling only. Serial radiographs were taken and revealed fusion of my ankle joints in just seven weeks. This is considered excellent for a “normal” patient, who is not diabetic! All of my fusion sites and incisions healed beautifully without any wound or bony complications. I was extremely surprised by my ability to heal. I believe that it was the enhanced transfer factors that gave my body the ability to heal in a “normal fashion.” I was hospitalized until July 27, 2001, at which time I was discharged back to my home in California. I ambulated out of the hospital on my own power and my limbs were saved… Nancy Lyons

  • Diabetes… Mrs Lyons was admitted to the hospital Apr 2001 with diabetic Charcot Neuroarthropathy. Both ankles were affected with numerous bony deformities. She was given the option of amputation but elected to have extensive reconstructive surgery. Being an insulin dependent diabetic she was at risk for delayed healing and infection. Mrs Lyon told me she was taking TF+. Previously she had had a problem with infection and poor wound healing. After surgery Mrs Lyon showed no signs of infection and only mild swelling. All her fusions sites healed beautifully without complications. I was extremely surprised by Mrs Lyons’ ability to heal. I consider this a mild miracle but Mrs Lyons insists it was TF+…. Larry Goss, DPM.FACFAS…PA

  • Diabetes, juvenile… I have a patient with juvenile diabetes who has done very well with TF. She takes twice the recommended dose and built up to that level slowly watching her blood sugar levels carefully. She had reduced her insulin by 60 to 70 % since starting TF one year ago. She also has had on infections which led to much better control of her blood sugars… David M MD…ME

  • Diabetes ulcers… diabetic ulcer on foot for 14 years, foot purple, tight bandage, cleaned every 2nd day. Introduce TF+ and TF renewal. TF+ 4 a day and TF Renewal topically. New tissue has grown over the hole in the foot and he can walk. Foot is no longer purple. The response has taken 5 months. He is a walking miracle.

  • Diabetes… Mark’s cousin has had diabetes fro 62 years. Her foot doctor who is an advocate of TF had her call me and get TF. They thought she was going to lose a foot so she mega-dosed on TF for 2 weeks. She has lost only a toe not the entire foot.

  • Diabetes… Glen is a diabetic and states that he has been taking insulin for 55 years. He would take 2-3 insulin injections a day. 8-10 months ago he started having problems in the muscles in his legs. The pain gradually worsened and he used a cane and then a wheelchair. The paramedics were at his home once or twice a week to help because of insulin reactions. He started using TF+ and no longer uses the wheelchair or the cane and the medic visits have stopped. He states that this is the best that he has ever felt and is amazed at the loving kindness and helps form everyone…

  • Diverticular disease… Bill has diverticulosis that quite often becomes infected and turns into diverticulitis. Since being on TF he has had no problems… Bonnie H… SC

  • Diabetes … Mary Ann age 45 has diabetes and is now taking 500mg of Glucophage. She had cancer 3 years ago and is taking Tamoxifen. May Ann developed blisters and then ulcers on her foot 11/2 years ago. She was treated by the doctor with several different antibiotics but the wounds did not heal. After several months she was referred to the wound centre. She has been going there three times a week and they have taught her how to clean the wounds at home to help stop infection. When infection does occur they must scrape or cut away tissue and clean out the infection. At that time may Ann decided to try Transfer Factor. She took 8 capsules a day and sprinkled TF in the wounds. Five days after starting on TF she went to the wound centre and they thought they detected an infection in one of the wounds. So she went to the hospital and they cut tissue away and when they got to what they thought was an infection pocket it was just water. In just 16 days two of the wounds were almost healed and the third (the one she had surgery on was filling in with healthy pink flesh)…. Mary Ann/Texas

  • Diabetes, ulcers … Diabetic ulcer on foot for 14 years, foot purple, tight bandage, cleaned every 2nd day. Introduced TF+ and TF renewal. TF+ 4 a day and TF Renewal topically. New tissue has grown over the hole in the foot and he can walk. Foot is no longer purple, This response has taken 5 months. He is a walking miracle. Deborah (Immunologist)/Australia

  • Epstein Barr virus… I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr ten years ago. During the following years, I experienced indescribable fatigue, self-doubt, increasing pain and depression. It hurt to do everything. By the time I was married I had learned to wok round pain. After the birth of my son my symptoms intensified. For the following years I trudged along until I began losing feeling in my hands and one of my legs. It was at this time that I was introduced to TF. I made a few simple dietary changes and began to take TF as well as the Fibromyalgia protocol. Within six weeks I was not only making dinner and cleaning but was feeling much better. Now I am pain free, well rested, energetic and most importantly, I am living again… Michelle…NJ
  • “Here’s a quick update and testimony from my father who is TYPE 2 Diabetic. He has been on TF+ for 16 months now. He had an immediate POSITIVE reaction to the TF+ in that his insulin levels dropped and stabilized to the point that he hardly has to take any more self-injected Insulin. He has also had SORES on his legs finally heal. However, about a year ago when my father had his KIDNEY function tests done, the DR. said that his Kidneys were barely functioning and darn near close to failing. Six months later…had another test done, and his kidneys showed signs of improvement. Now here is the REALLY great news. My Father just had his kidney’s tested a couple of weeks ago, and guess what? The DR said she doesn’t know what happened, but…”It’s a Miracle” because his kidneys are working just fine now. HINT…HINT… I think it’s the enhanced transfer factors he’s been taking for the past 16 months. What a MIRACLE! Keep believing!” Your friend in success, Mellisa McJunkin
  • Eczema…My 6-year-old son has had terrible eczema all his life, yet 4Life™ Transfer Factor™, in just 2 months, has made significant improvements.” Anthony V.
  • M F Pierce (super mix zija)
    My Best Friends Swears By It.
    February 5, 2014
    I tried it for several months, in that time my vision improved. I looked forward to drinking the mix. It’s very green and that can be off putting but it tastes a bit like green tea and that was appealing. My only problem is the cost. If it was available at say half it’s current price I think I’d be a believer, but this price is just too steep. My best friend loves this stuff and swears by it.
  • Gene (super mix zija)
    It works but have to give it time.
  • August 25, 2015
    I love this product and I do not sell it. If you order it you need to take it for a few weeks before you see the effects but it really works.

  • nikniknikole (super mix zija)
    Good product…
    February 1, 2016
  • I really like this stuff but think it is very overpriced. It gives me the kick I need in the morning. Since taking it I have rarely been sick, but the amount of kick you get diminishes a bit over time. Overall a great product

  • Mimi (super mix zija)
    January 12, 2018
  • Drink it every morning for an energy boost…love it

  • Clarence Floyd (super mix zija)
    just got it
    January 11, 2014
  • just got it but seams to be working fine so fare so good will be praying it works like they say !!!!
  • Daniel Pincus (super mix zija)
    It really gets me started in a better
    July 10, 2015
    Use it every day. It really gets me started in a better frame
  • Diane Pizzo (super mix zija)
    Good source of energy
    June 21, 2013
    I like the product and I got it in one day ….yea…but it came in 2 boxes for which I paid extra postage and that was unnecessary there was plenty of room in the one big box for the bottle that arrived at the same time but in a separate box @ $3.95 unnecessary cost. Thanks for the prompt delivery I like the drink and the Shake is good also.
  • Regina Medley (super mix zija)
    Power juice
    June 22, 2014
    I mix with orange juice & even put in freezer to make extremely cold…..this helps to drink it. The end result is an overall feel good feeling, & also decreases appetite. Win win for me!!

  • glenn s. (super mix zija)
    Love it! Great price
    March 16, 2016
    Love it! Great price too

  • narn (super mix zija)
    Very good product
    July 10, 2013
    Gives you energy and that over-all healthy feeling. Take it daily in the AM with cold water. It works! Very happy to have found this product.
  • karen
    My Zija
    February 10, 2017
    I take a packet every day. I was very satisfied w/the timely delivery.
  • Warinner (supermix zija)
  • September 6, 2015
    I was very satisfied with my order,fast shipping.i would order again.

  • Arthur Davis (smart mix zija)
    Improved blood work
    June 2, 2013
    Zija seems to improve blood work. We have heard stories about people going off of medications after using Zija. Our latest blood profiles done by our physician have been improved after taking Zija.
  • Fatigue and headache … A lady in her 40’s has been having these problems a long rime. Took TF and after a week, the headache got better. It’s almost 2 months now and she’s feeling so much better. She continues to take TF and has introduced it to her mum… TG/TW/Malaysia
  • Fatigue…My symptoms associated with Lupus, being sick constantly and feeling exhausted, have gone away. I feel energetic since using 4Life™ Transfer Factor™… Linda M.
  • Fatigue syndrome…”4Life™ Transfer Factor™ helped me to get over the Epstein Barr virus and mononucleosis, which can cause chronic fatigue syndrome, after only a couple of weeks… Sue H.
  • Hot flushes… Fro three years I have suffered from fatigue, anxiety, night sweats, heart palpitations, hot flushes and insomnia. I really felt wiped out. I made several visits to doctors and tried several prescriptions but nothing seemed to work. Someone suggested I go see a naturopath. I did improve on his program but when I started taking BIO Genstein I noticed am immediate change in the way I felt. I would strongly recommend BIO Genstein… Heather … NZ
  • My husband and I have now been taking Zija for over a week now. We have both felt the enormous boost in energy! My husband says his head is clearer and he is able to concentrate on individual thoughts and conversations rather than flipping back and forth on thoughts. This stuff is amazing! I also enjoy the softer skin that it has given me! Drink Life In!—Andrea Johnson

  • I’ve been drinking Zija since Dec. 11th, 2004. I immediately noticed an increase in energy and alertness. No more need for the daily caffeine fix. Zija is great for fighting those winter, gray sky blahs! I also noticed that my nose, and sinuses were crystal clear for the 1st time in years. I can breathe! My digestion is better as well. My joint pain is less, and my body feels better all around. The benefits of Zija are very real.—Russ Hess

  • I have tried almost every health drink on the market, including those from other networking companies. They were good, but I did not feel anything to make me notice any change. I am very healthy and in tune with my body and can feel the effects of something very quickly. When I drank Zija for the first time it was like my whole body just tingled, and I could literally FEEL the life energy of Zija circulating in my body. It is no accident that the tagline for Zija is “Drink Life In” because I believe that is exactly what you are doing when you drink Zija. Amazing!—Vincent J. Kellsey
  • Flu … Our daughter, Eileen, suffered her first flu-infection in 11 months, May 9, 2003. Started with a sore throat in the morning. Then coughing, runny-nose, vomiting and wheezing. Saturday morning visited doctor, who said it was caused by a rare new cross-breed of new mutant virus & bacteria. She was prescribed with the antibiotic called Erythromycin. We chose to try TF first. We gave her 3 TF every 4 hours and 1 TF+ morning and night. Again another horrible Saturday night and we had to use asthma machine to ease her breathing. By Sunday morning she was happy chirpy and singing away, and playing her recorder/flute! Amazing recovery… Henry/New Zealand
  • Flu…My flu was gone after 20 TF capsules and 10 hours… Linda B.
  • Flu…My granddaughter is 2 and she had the flu virus. She was on four different kinds of antibiotics for 4 months and she was not getting better. I started her on three TF in the morning and three at night. The next morning the sniffles had started to go away, and within 4 or 5 days she was completely cleared up. My husband and I have also had wonderful success with allergies… Sue H.
  • Flu…The Transfer Factor Plus has helped our immune system keep us well. I got the flu and thought I wanted to die. Ten hours and 10 capsules later and I was fine. The immune system is an amazing thing when it is working right…Linda
  • Flu virus…My granddaughter is 2 and she had the flu virus. She was on four different kinds of antibiotics for 4 months and she was not getting better. So I gave her three transfer factors in the morning and three transfer factors at night. The next morning the sniffles had started to go away and within 4 or 5 days her symptoms completely cleared up. My husband and I have also had wonderful success with allergies… Sue
  • Huntington’s…I am a health caregiver. I take care of a Huntington’s patient who has fought colds and flues every season for the past the eight years. Since I have placed her on Transfer Factor she hasn’t experienced a serious cold or flu. The difference is like night and day. This is a great immune product… B. Whitmore
  • Kids…My 4½ year old son has been sick ever since he was born. We went to the doctor at least once a month. In December of 99, he had croup and pneumonia in the same week. We started giving him TF. He was well within a week. He has only been to the doctor twice since then. It is working great for him. I’m so glad 4Life came out with TF Kids™ because now it will be so much easier to give TF to him every day… Kristy Griewahn
  • Kids…In approximately 250 patient months of kids on 4Life Transfer Factor™, only one has returned for antibiotics, and that was after 2-1/2 months. I had been seeing him in my office every 2 weeks prior to using 4Life™ Transfer Factor™… David Markowitz, M.D. 
  • “There is a really nasty flu going around here in Austin. My landscapers got it (strapping young guys in their 20’s) and it laid them out. One could not even get out of bed nor eat anything and felt absolutely horrible. It comes on hard and fast with immediate drainage from the nose and then launches into aggravated symptoms (mainly sore throat and on into the chest). My wife also got attacked by it and she immediately went on 4 Humic Acid tablets per hour. The results were that she felt rough for a couple of days and had some of the symptoms, but nowhere near as bad as others who got it. She was able to put in a full 3 days of hard work and by the 3rd day was rapidly coming out of it. She noticed that if she was not prompt in taking the Humic Acid on an hourly basis, that she would start to fall back and worsen. However, once back on it diligently, the symptoms lightened up considerably. Pretty interesting! To add to this, The bug then tried to attack me (same household, same bug). I took about 10 Humic Acid Tablets at the first symptoms over the course of the day and by nightfall, the symptoms disappeared. Fantastic!
  • My take on this is that the product is certainly valid from a user perspective on flu, and really works well.” C.G. Austin, TX”
  • About a month ago, I started to feel typical Flu symptoms. I was sneezing, felt achy and feverish. A friend of mine gave me six Humic Acid tablets that I started taking one a day. After six days, I felt great, and all the symptoms went away.” P.T. San Francisco, CA
  • “The grandchildren have all been sick with some sort of flu for the past month or so. A lot of my friends have all come down with a Sore Throat that gets a lot worse and lasts for several weeks. I got a sore throat and lost my voice last week so I was sure I was getting it. I took 3 Humic Acid tablets a day for 3 or 4 days and I’m now on one a day—and no sore throat, my voice is back and I feel better than ever!” B. F. Carlsbad, CA
  • “I felt the symptoms of Flu hit me like a ton of bricks. I immediately increased my use of the Humic Acid from two tablets per day to eight tablets per day, taking two tablets every four hours. When I woke up the next day, I felt fine, but I kept taking eight per day for two more days just to make sure.” L. P. Tustin, CA
  • “Recently, I came down with a very bad case of Influenza. Normally this leads to severe respiratory distress. I was given Humic Acid to take every six hours. Within forty-eight hours all my symptoms were gone. I am very grateful for this product and I will continue to keep Humic Acid in my house for myself and my family.” M. C. Santa Fe, N
  • “I believe in researching products and then, if I decide to try them, really evaluating whether they are beneficial for my family and me. I read about your fulvic acid formula last fall when there was a national shortage of flu vaccine and I was looking for an alternative to protect my family from the flu. I purchased Wellness Extra and we have used it since then with the onset of both colds and flu. We take it as soon after the onset of symptoms as possible. What I can absolutely swear to is that all of us have had fantastic results. Before using Wellness Extra, colds and flu typically lasted 1-2weeks – if bronchitis followed, longer. With Wellness Formula, our cold and flu symptoms disappear COMPLETELY in 2-3 days. And even while we are still experiencing symptoms, they are much less severe. I have been away from home and not been able to start the regimen the first day I was ill. Even then, the results were the same – a couple of days and I was feeling completely well. I think it is a fantastic product and one I will not ever go without now that I have had a chance to actually experience the increase in wellness it provides to my family and me. There are so many products on the market and so many overzealous claims that don’t really holdup when you try them. Thanks for a great product that actually works!!” Barbara R.

  • “I had heard about the Wellness Extra and started taking about 1 tablet a day as a supplement back in November. One day I was working in the office and started feeling the onset of a fever and body aches – flu-like symptoms. I immediately took one Wellness capsule and within an hour I realized that my flu symptoms had disappeared completely! A few hours later I got a runny nose and a cough – cold-like symptoms. I immediately took another capsule, and again, my symptoms were gone within an hour. I didn’t take any more tablets and I felt fine that night, but the next morning I woke up with an irritating cough. I started to take more capsules that day, although the cough did linger with me for about a week similar to the typical colds I’ve gotten in the past. Your Wellness Extra got me through the worst part of the flu and I never missed any work. I have since learned that I should have really attacked the flu by taking 3 tablets immediately and continue to take about 6 tablets a day over the next few days to avoid any symptoms.” KERRY S. Fullerton, CA.

  • “I am 75 years old and until last year I always had a Flu shot. Last year I was unable to get a Flu shot due to the shortage. I took Wellness Extra instead and have had no viruses, colds or respiratory problems and I have felt well and had great health. I love this pill and feel it is a miracle for all of my Ills.” Eileen G

  • “I started taking Wellness Extra about nine months ago. I was fighting flu symptoms that would not go away. I had heard about the product from Paul when we would work together. One day when we were working together I told him I couldn’t shake the flu and he gave me a bottle. I took two a day for a couple of days and the symptoms went away. I reduced it to one a day and, if I had any symptoms, I would up it to two a day again. I have been taking one a day for almost the entire nine months, and I have not been ill at all. I opted not to get a flu shot last year, which was a first since I used to get the flu ate least once or twice a year. I am convinced my elimination of a virus is due to your product. Take care and good luck. Regards,” Danee S

  • Food Poisoning…While traveling in Detroit, three co-workers and I ate contaminated food. The three men became seriously ill for two days, while I only experienced a mild stomach-ache. I was on Transfer Factor™… J. Stover.

  • Fibromyalgia… had taken over my life for approximately 15 years. Then I found out I had become extremely toxic to the medications, so I had to stop taking all prescription medications. Then I received a call about Transfer Factor™ and after a lot of research I decided to give it a try. In less than 4 weeks I could sleep through the night and I could exercise with a lot less pain. My check-ups have been symptom free. I had forgotten how good it feels to feel good again. Thanks 4Life for giving me my life back… Fibro Free, Pam – Wisconsin
  • Fibromyalgia … I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 3 years ago and realized that I’ve had it for many years. I’ve been taking the FibroAMJ™ Day-Time and Night-time formulas since May of 1998. I am a totally new person. I’m back on my 5 mile walks again, and I can golf 18 holes and do my housecleaning. I also started on the BioVitaMins™ a couple months later. I’m not as tired and I’m starting to have a lot more energy. I think it’s a wonderful program. I am very happy with what it’s going for me. I can live again. .. Dianne A.

  • Fibromyalgia…I suffered from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have tried other nutrients with a degree of success. After consuming Transfer Factor™, FibroAMJ™, and BioVitaMins™ for a couple of months, my symptoms decreased by at least 50%. Now, after six months, I am virtually symptom free… Kay B.

  • Fibromyalgia… I have Fibromyalgia. Since I’ve been taking the FibroAMJ™, I’ve been sleeping a lot better. It also helps to alleviate the pain; and so I am just really impressed with this. The more I learn about this product, the better I like it… Yvonne K.

  • Fibromyalgia …I am a young woman with Fibromyalgia, with symptoms like migraines, muscle aches and exhaustion, and I started on the 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ and FibroAMJ™ system and am able to get out of bed and do the activities of daily life… Kelly Z.

  • Fibromyalgia…I have seen 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ knock out colds, sore throats, etc., but it also has helped Fibromyalgia, neurological problems, chronic yeast infections. All of our cancer patients are using 4Life™ Transfer Factor™… Duane Townsend M.D. 

  • “Just had to let you know that I began taking Fibro AMJ 5 days ago and what amazing results I have had! I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for years now, with the constant discomfort, pain, muscle spasms, nerve pinching, muscle tightness, fatigue, heaviness in the legs, etc. Since I started taking Fibro AMJ not only does it feel GOOD to stretch my muscles, I feel like I HAVE to stretch them! My muscles are much looser, especially around the neck/shoulder area. No more nerve spasms if I move a certain way … Oh and way much more energy!!! I actually don’t feel like a 90 year old woman anymore!” Lisa

  • “Late in the fall I started developing more pain, severe pain along with a lot of depression, fatigue, sleeplessness, upset stomach, and an assortment of other things. The pain was so severe that I could hardly use my hands to do my new business, baking gourmet dog treats. I finally gave in and went to the medical doctor. Well, after being diagnosed finally with fibromyalgia I could understand what and why I was feeling the way I was. An acquaintance of my husband told him about transfer factors and this company. I said to my husband again, “No way, it’s a network marketing company. No way.” So my husband checked out the web site and he came running out of the office and he says, “You won’t believe this. They have a product on here for fibromyalgia.” I looked on the web site, and we did a little research on it. Still it took my husband two more weeks to convince me that I had to try this product because I was trying other stuff. I just thank the Lord that he convinced me to try this product. The product came on a Friday and I took it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday I told my husband, “I can’t believe a product works this fast. No product is this good.” Still my husband was trying to convince me to take the transfer factors, which I had not been taking; I was just taking the Fibro AMJ just to see if that worked. So on Tuesday I started taking the transfer factors along with the Fibro AMJ I was already taking, and in two days’ time I can’t explain how great I felt. That “fibro fog” was finally gone. Now I’ve been on the product ever since and I have very little pain, no bad days of depression, and I have a much, much better outlook on my new life.” Kathy W.

  • “I have fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis. I just have been in lots and lots of pain for years. It started with migraines when I was younger and then I had polio when I was 28. From that time on, the pain and the chronic migraines just got worse and worse. Finally last year I ended up in bed and felt like I was a piece of cooked spaghetti because I just lost all my strength from my neck down. I had used a lot of herbs. I had been to a lot of doctors, and had used alternative remedies for years. Then I had a friend that talked me into using transfer factors rather, and I started out with four or five a day and worked up to eight. Then Dr. Robertson told me that I needed to get on ten or more a day. I started out feeling just a little bit more strength if I lay in bed. I’d get a little bit stronger and a little bit stronger. Little by little I got stronger and then I had more time between my episodes. Finally after about two and a half months on the product, I got to feeling really, really good and didn’t have a lot of episodes until I went outside and started pulling weeds. That kind of knocked me down again for a day. I have been using at least eight transfer factors capsules a day and for the pain I’ve been using the Fibro AMJ which has just been fantastic. Whenever I start feeling the pain come on, I use that. I take two in the morning and two in the afternoon and then whatever else I need. The Fibro AMJ night time, I use that and it has helped because my left side would hurt, or my legs would twitch, or whatever. It has been just fantastic. Then Dr. Hennen and I got talking after the enhanced transfer factors came out. I am still using both the transfer factors and the enhanced transfer factors. I’m just doing great. In fact I’m out jumping on the trampoline with the grandkids sometimes. It’s just been fantastic, and I’ve been able to work this business now and it’s just fun.” Sue H.

  • “I’ve been taking the company products for about nine months now. And I started them with the goal of reversing the Fibromyalgia symptoms that I’ve suffered for about twenty years. I’ve tried a lot of different things over the last twenty years and really had learned to cope with the condition until about two years ago. Then at that time I really got into a downward spiral that just never seemed to stop. It included chronic pain, and fatigue, and sleepless nights, depression and so forth. I started on the products, Fibro AMJ Complete Pack and Choice 50, and in about two weeks I was sleeping better. After about two months on the product, I felt like I had just walked out of a tunnel into the light of day. After three months I reached a level, I would say, of 95 percent symptom free, or status of 95 percent symptom free living. I’ve really enjoyed that level of health for the last six months. I really do appreciate that, and I really am thankful to our company for that opportunity, to reverse the symptoms of fibromyalgia. I’ve also been able to help a lot of people with that condition.” Bonnie P.

  • “I’ve had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia since August 1991. I’ve also had shingles five times in that period. This winter I had shingles very bad from the end of September until the end of February and still have them somewhat. I’m able to get up and get dressed at this time. I started on transfer factors and the Fibro AMJ system about six weeks ago, and I am now sleeping through the night with no sluggishness the next day. I have energy, and every morning I am able to get up at 7:30. My husband will verify that it has been many years since I’ve done that. I’ve been packing to move for 12 days straight and I have energy every single day. I was not able to cook a meal and do the dishes in the same evening; I would cook a meal and do the dishes the next day, or possibly even the next, because I could not stand on my feet. So I’m extremely excited about transfer factors and I want to tell everybody that has fibromyalgia to please take this and get yourself well.” B.J.F. 

  • “I just continue to be amazed at what we can do with transfer factors. I have been taking transfer factors for a year and have had very good results with my chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other illnesses. Enhanced transfer factors came out June 1st, 1999. I added that to my regimen, not thinking anything would change. Within about the first 2-3 weeks I started noticing some major changes. For ten years I haven’t had eyelashes because once I had my hysterectomy, I acquired an auto-immune disease which caused my eyelashes to fall out. Ten years they have been gone. Now, I am wearing mascara. They haven’t fallen out for two whole months. It’s a miracle!” Sue B.

  • “I am a young woman with fibromyalgia, with symptoms like migraines, muscle aches and exhaustion. I started on the transfer factors and Fibro AMJ system and am able to get out of bed and do the activities of daily life.” Kelly Z.

  • “I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 3 years ago and realized that I’ve had it for many years. I’ve been taking the Fibro AMJ Day-Time and Night-time formulas since May of 1998. I am a totally new person. I’m back on my 5 mile walks again, and I can golf 18 holes and do my housecleaning. I also started on the BioVitaMins a couple months later. I’m not as tired and I’m starting to have a lot more energy. I think it’s a wonderful program. I am very happy with what it’s doing for me. I can live again.” Dianne

  • “”I have Fibromyalgia. Since I’ve been taking the Fibro AMJ, I’ve been sleeping a lot better. It also helps to alleviate the pain; and so, I am just really impressed with this, the more I learn about this product, the better I like it.”Yvonne K

  • Fibrocystic Condition… I was diagnosed at the age of 28 with a fibrocystic condition. My ovaries and uterus were covered with cysts and fibrous tissue. My uterus was enlarged. Also with this condition I had tremendous pain during menstrual cycles. I started taking TF 6 months ago. When I returned to the doctor for a check-up he found my uterus normal and the cyst were gone from my ovaries… Jewel… SC

  • “After using the FemRite creme for two menstrual cycles, amazement is the only word that comes to mind. I have fibrocystic breasts and for the first time, the cysts are shrinking. In addition, the typical symptoms I would experience every month like bloating, weight gain, mood swings, tender breasts, etc., virtually disappeared. Every woman should be using FemRite. I’ve tried other crèmes and this one is by far the most effective.” Rita E.
  • Fungus… “Back in the ’70s and 80’s I was a serious marathoner. In preparing for the race on marathon day it was customary to rub copious amounts of Vaseline on my feet and toes to minimize the blisters which inevitably occur. About ten years ago I developed a serious fungus in my toe-nails. Nothing would help it. After one month on transfer factors, my once thick toe-nails are reduced in thickness by at least one half. Is there no end to what transfer factors can accomplish? … Charles Kowalski
  • Fungal condition…I had been suffering from a recurring fungal condition on my neck and shoulders. My doctor prescribed an anti-fungal drug, which made the problem disappear temporarily. However every two or three months the condition would flare up again and I would have to go back to the doctor for another prescription. I started taking transfer factors in July of last year. The condition has gone away completely and has not returned in over 9 months. There’s no question this outstanding product works! … Ron Santoro
  • Fever… I am so thankful for transfer factors. My little boy has suffered from a fever from unknown origins for several years. He was given ever known medical test and the cause could not be found. He would get colds that would last for weeks or even months. I put him on transfer factors for two days and the fever left. The only time he has had a fever since then was when we ran out of transfer factors. He does not stay sick for long periods with a cold any more. He will get a cold once and a while but in a couple days it is gone. This product has changed our lives in a very special way… Kevin Donaldson
  • Gout … T.L. has Gout. He is doing well. His blood test for the last 6 months had shown normal uric acid level since taking TF+. His uric acid is always on the high side. He did not change his diet. TL/Malaysia
  • Gum disease…I have a serious gum problem, periodontal disease. I have been seeing a dentist for sometime. I began consuming transfer factors some time ago. The last time I was in to see the dentist, he asked me what I was doing to my gums. I said nothing. He said somehow they had cleared up. I was listening to the veterinarian testimony on how periodontal disease is the number one killer of animals and how transfer factors were helping their immune systems. Then it dawned on me what had happened to my diseased gums. We have one great product… Guy Sinclair
  • Hay fever … MF has suffered every year with hay fever. She has been taking Rite-Start Women for about 7 weeks and despite some minor sneezing this is the first time in 3 years that she could cope without taking any hay fever drugs. MF/New Zealand
  • “My mum is 89 years young and suffers from ischaemic heart disease and congestive cardiac failure. Her main complaints were severe shortness of breath on mild exertion, and coughing. She had to be wheeled around whenever we took her for an outing. I took two bottles of targeted transfer factors home to Australia from the 2002 4Life International Convention and started my mum on 2 capsules twice a day. After only three weeks she noticed some improvement in her breathing. After only 5 weeks she said the new capsules we brought back were #1, indicating with her right thumb up. Now she is able to walk further with much less shortness of breath. In mid-October we took her to Werribbee Zoo and brought the wheel chair along for her to use. After a short journey in the wheel chair she decided to walk by herself. We tried to dissuade her and told her that the walk would be too much for her heart. She insisted, and so we relented and let her push the wheelchair around the zoo. She completed the walk around the zoo with no shortness of breath! She has derived other benefits from taking targeted transfer factor, both her appetite and weight have increased! We are extremely happy targeted transfer factor has helped her. We strongly recommend targeted transfer factors for anyone with cardiovascular problems.” C.K. ‘Benny’ Foo, MD

  • “In October 2002 I had a C-reactive Protein test (CRP) done to measure the level of inflammation in my artery walls after having read a number of articles indicating this type of inflammation as being the root cause of heart attacks. My CRP reading was 7.9, with 8.7 being about the highest and worst one can have. This test showed I was at very high risk of having a heart attack. One physician I shared this with commented, in front of a large audience, that if my CRP reading stayed at that level, I was virtually guaranteed to have a heart attack. From the day I received my CRP test results, to this day, I have consumed 4 targeted (Cardio) transfer factors daily. At the end of February, 2003, I had the CRP level checked again. In just four short months of consuming targeted transfer factors, I am now close to having the BEST level one could have, 1.1. The lowest and best reading on the chart is 1.0! I believe our targeted transfer factors product most likely saved my life.” Richard Helgeland, Washington

  • Zija has helped my body normalize my blood pressure and I have noticed I have easier breathing and better sleep since I started drinking life in with Zija.—Lou Napier
  • Hepatitis C…Kim is a 37 year old father of 4 children with advanced Hepatitis C, facing a long and expensive therapy with Interferon, a therapy fraught with many side effects. Kim decided to give the immune boosting capabilities of TF and TF+ a chance to aid his own body’s abilities to fight off viral infection, before he started this Interferon.
  • Although his results are still preliminary and very early, thus far Kim has had very encouraging results. After 4-5 months of fairly consistent use of TF and TF+, Kim’s liver functions tests have improved dramatically and at times are within normal limits. He FEELS so much better and the complicating factors of gastro-esophageal reflux (acid reflux) and constipation are now totally resolved. He has voluntarily stopped all of his reflux and bowel medications. His energy levels have increased and remain high, as long as he takes his immune boosters regularly. He too looks forward to sharing this experience with others with Hep C and the physicians who treat these challenged people. We wish Kim well in his goals of healing himself and others with 4LR… David Markowitz MD
  • Hepatitis C… Simon has Hepatitis C and started taking TF in April. He had his periodic examination at a veteran’s hospital before starting on TF. On August 10th he had another exam at the VA hospital and his BP was normal and his liver count was down to 60. Needless to say his doctor was amazed and asked what he was doing. Simon told him the only thing was doing different as TF… Patti B
  • Hepatitis B shot… A 6 month old baby girl has a Hepatitis B shot and suffered a bad reaction. She promptly got a cold and sinus congestion and would not sleep She started on TF one day and then increased to twice a day and within one week she was much improved…C ID
  • “I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to learn about Humic Acid from my brother. I was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C and put on a traditional medication program by my doctor but my viral count did not change over a period of 6 months. My brother told me about Humic Acid and I started taking two tablets three times a day. Now after just 2 months, my doctor says that I no longer have any trace of the Hepatitis C virus. Thank you.” J. N. Los Angeles, CA
  • “A year ago I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.A friend suggested I start taking Humic Acid. I was tested again six weeks later and the results were negative. The doctors could not believe that the hepatitis C was gone. Thank you, Thank you.” G. D. Dallas, TX
  • “I contracted Hepatitis C in 1985 through a blood transfusion. I only recently discovered that is was the source of my years of chronic fatigue. Three days after starting 6 Humic Acid tablets per day, I felt better than I’d felt in years. I no longer needed my long afternoon naps. I was full of energy every day during the busy Christmas season. In the last 16 weeks, my viral count has gone down by almost40%! M. J. A. Visalia, C
  • “I have had Hepatitis C for about thirty years and have been on the Interferon/Rebetol treatments twice. I was on the treatment for one year each time. My viral load would be undetectable while I was on the drugs but shortly after going off of them my numbers would climb back up. I was tired all the time and at one point would only have a few hours a day of energy, so I would pace my time so I could get done what I needed to. After each treatment I had hope that my energy would return. I did not at all after the first treatment, but did a bit after the second one. But slowly over the next year I wore down again and was spending more and more time in bed. My doctor recommended I go on the treatment again, but by now I have osteoporosis and did not want to aggravate that condition any more. From the second day I started taking the Wellness Extra I noticed a difference in my energy levels. I started going out at night again and if a class I was in went till 10pm, it was no longer a problem. My viral load in May last year was 1,420,000. I started taking the Wellness Extra in May this year. My viral load was 895,329. Prior to taking the Wellness Formula I had a persistent wart that grew from under my fingernail. I found a doctor who was known to be able to remove difficult warts and he tried everything he had in his arsenal. It never went away. About two weeks after taking the Wellness Extra I noticed the wart was gone, completely. I decided this year I was going to get about ten minutes of sun every other day to get my vitamin D. I just never seemed to have the ten minutes. I think I’ve gotten ten minutes once every week and have a beautiful tan. I have always had chronic sinus infections and it has been a big problem. Since taking the Wellness Extra I have not had a sinus infection. It has been quite a transformation for me to feel like I am living a “normal” life, free of infections, low energy and in general, basing my decisions in life on being an “ill” person. I go out and don’t worry about how quickly I will tire and need to have a place to rest.” Cean O

  • High blood pressure … My own brother and brother – in law had high blood pressure which is now back to normal on TF+. CY/Malaysia
  • HIV/AIDS… Feroza is 26 years old. She came to Nkosis Haven in Dec 1999. She was very thin and frail. She needed assistance in walking, bathing and eating. Her hearing was bad, memory very bad, eyesight fair and body strength at only 17%. For a number of times, Feroza has been admitted to the hospital and her health was deteriorating. She was also pregnant. Weighed only 28Kg. Her CD4 count was 43. After 3 months on TF+ her CD4 went up to 78 and her weight to 52kg. Now her CD4 count is 163, her weight is 55kg and she is able to take care of herself and her son. For a woman whom we have said goodbye to 7 times and 7 times she has bounced back and is very healthy and seldom sick except with occasional bout of diarrhea….South Africa. 
  • HIV/AIDS… Cynthia is 27 years old. She was so weak when she arrived at the haven that she could not even lift her baby. She also couldn’t do simple task of mopping the floor. She weighed 44kg, Two weeks late she was put on TF+. Two weeks later there weight was up 7kg. Because of her cough and not being able to gain any strength, TB test was done which came back positive and was put on a TB treatment along with TF+. Her CD4 count on arrival was 297 it is now 340 and her weight is now 63kg. Her body strength has returned. Her eyesight is good, as is her memory, and she is able to take care of herself and her baby. Gail Johnson… South Africa.
  • HIV/AIDS… Grace is 42 years old. She well and full of energy when she came to Nkosis Haven in July of 2000. Her CD4 count was 388 and her weight was 59 kg. Her memory was poor, since being on TF+ her memory is normal and her strength is at 110%.She works very hard and seems to be gaining more energy. Her CD4 count is now 411 and her weight is mow 70kg. She has made an extraordinary recovery… Gail Johnson… S Africa. 
  • HIV/AIDS… Tsidiso is 5 years. When he came to Nkosis Haven he was sick and his body full of sores and his ears were badly infected. He was introduced to TF+. So far his ears are fine and the sores on his body are gone. His weight was 10kg it is now 16kg… Gail Johnson… S Africa
  • HIV/AIDS Kenny is 20 years old. He has been on many regimens for HIV and experimental regimen with no positive response. Kenny was put on TF+ and TF along with his experimental therapy.. He has remained infectious disease free. He now has zero viral count and CD4 count of 475… David Markowitz MD…
  • HIV/AIDS… An early success with Immune Boosting naturally in a young man with HIV. KG is a 20 year old with Haemophilia who contracted HIV many years ago from “dirty” clotting factors used to treat his Haemophilia. KG has been on many regimens for his HIV, including most recently (within the past year), an experimental regimen with no positive response. If anything, he suffered from many of the side effects of retroviral therapy. Five months ago, KG started a high dose regimen of TF (3 caps 3 times daily) and TF+ (2 caps 3 times daily), concurrent with his experimental therapy. He has remained infectious disease free throughout his TF boosting. He also came to us with very exciting news three weeks ago: he has a ZERO viral count and an increasing, now close to normal CD4 count of 475. Is Kenny out of the woods completely? No, but he is now well on his way to possibly being disease free. His next counts are scheduled for six weeks from now and we will keep all posted. Kenny is a peer counsellor and educator for HIV/AIDS and he is now spreading the word about TF and TF+ to members of the AIDS community. He is also a 4LR distributor and hopes to build a huge sales organization of persons challenged with HIV and Hepatitis C. As such, he said that he would not have to deal with the prejudices against those infected with HIV: seems that 4LR may just give Kenny a NEW LIFE, on many different levels. The power of TF/TF+ and 4LR continues …….Kenny
  • From Connie A.: “A friend of mine told me that I should have my son on transfer factors. He has AIDS, so we got him on it. First of all he wouldn’t take it so I was sneaking it to him in his drinks, and from his first doctor’s visit until the next one, his viral load went down from over 400,000 to 191,000. After he started taking it knowingly by mouth, his next blood test was down to 40,000 on his viral load. So we are very excited and hopeful and I’m just thankful for what transfer factors are doing for my son. For me, this is what I’ve been looking for, for years, and I really believe in it. It’s fun for me to share this with friends and I really think it’s going to be the greatest!”

    From David Markowitz, M.D. An experience with HIV (AIDS)-

  • Kenny’s Story: An early success with Immune Boosting naturally in a young man with HIV. KG is a 20 year old with Hemophilia who contracted HIV many years ago from “dirty” clotting factors used to treat his Haemophilia. KG has been on many regimens for his HIV, including most recently (within the past year), an experimental regimen with no positive response. If anything, he suffered from many of the side effects of retroviral therapy. Five months ago, KG started a high dose regimen of Transfer Factor™ (3 caps 3 times daily) and Transfer Factor Plus™ (2 caps 3 times daily), concurrent with his experimental therapy. He has remained infectious disease free throughout his TF (Transfer Factor) boosting. He also came to us with very exciting news three weeks ago: he has a ZERO viral count and an increasing, now close to normal CD4 count of 475. Is Kenny out of the woods completely? No, but he is now well on his way to possibly being disease free. His next counts are scheduled for six weeks from now and we will keep all posted. Kenny is a peer counselor and educator for HIV/AIDS and he is now spreading the word about TF (Transfer Factor) and TF+ to members of the AIDS community. He is also a 4Life Research distributor and hopes to build a huge sales organization of persons challenged with HIV and Hepatitis C. As such, he said that he would not have to deal with the prejudices against those infected with HIV.

  • “I am sending you this letter to give you a history of my experience with using Wellness Extra. In October I was hospitalized with a severe fever and extreme nausea. Several tests were run to diagnose the problem and my worst fears were confirmed…I was HIV positive. I was suffering from an acute HIV infection. The virus was rampant in my system due to a recent infection and my body not attacking it quickly enough. I had a viral load of approximately 700,000. This was an extremely alarming high viral load and I was told that my body will stabilize eventually to a much lower count. After about 3 months I was at 180,000, then 3 months later about 70,000. Eventually I stabilized at about 35,000. Stabilizing at this level is not very good because my T-cell count was sure to diminish quickly. When I stabilized I had a T-cell count of about 450 and was told that I would eventually have to start meds (with horrible side effects) when my T-cells where below 300. My T-Cell count slowly went down over the course of the next year. My concern with this caused me to do some research on any natural products that could help my body fight the virus. I just knew in my heart that God gave us something natural to fight this virus. I came across Wellness Extra through some research. I still had a viral load of 35,000 and my T-cell count had gone down to 280. I told my doctor that I was going to try this product (Wellness Extra) that I found on the internet and being the believer he is in natural remedies he agreed to keep me off meds until my next check-up in 3 months. I started the product and was taking approximately 2 tablets 4 times a day. When I went back in for my next check-up 3 months later my T-cell count remained the same, however my viral load decreased to 15,000 (more than a 50% reduction). My doctor and I decided to continue with the Wellness Extra and see what happened at my next check-up in 3 months. The next check-up showed some interesting results. I had a viral load of approximately 12,000 and my T-Cell count rose by 40 points (from 280 to 320). A T-Cell count rise of this magnitude is not common. Remember, there is an indirect relationship with the T-Cell count and your viral load. As your viral load increases your T-cell count will decrease. The increase in my T-cell count will allow my body to further kill the virus. The past 8 months of being on Wellness Extra and the positive results of the product have given me new hope that I can live a normal life without the medications. The current medications have horrible side effects and I now feel that I will have a healthier (almost normal) life because of Wellness Extra. Also, something else happened after I started taking the product. Prior to taking Wellness Extra, the HIV caused me to have a horrible rash on my face. This rash has completely disappeared after taking Wellness Extra. I hold Wellness Formula responsible for the positive effect on my body, as I have not supplemented or done anything different in my activities with the exception of starting on Wellness Extra. I look forward to my next test results and know that they will be even better than the last ones. Thank you again for bringing this amazing product to the market and especially to my life!” Jeff in Baltimore

  • Hodgkin’s disease… When I was only 27, I received the terrifying news that I had Hodgkin’s disease. I was devastated. The tumour in my chest cavity was so large that I completely filled my entire rib cage. I began on chemotherapy. At that time, my immune system was down to 2000 points. I had a friend who I knew could help me with nutrition; his name is Mike Akins. Mike recommended several supplements to strengthen my immune system. Then, Mike introduced me to transfer factors, and I began to take 12 a day. Much to my doctor’s surprise, my immune system began to go up. In fact, it went all the way BACK up to 7200. The doctors said that they had never, ever seen anyone’s immune system go UP during chemotherapy. Well, then the chemotherapy began to fry, literally fry my lungs, so they had to discontinue it. Amazingly, while off of the chemo, and on the transfer factors, my tumor continued to shrink. Again, the doctor’s were shocked, but I went ahead and took radiation with my immune system staying up!! Now I am taking transfer factors and enhanced transfer factors. My tumor is completely GONE, and I am 30 years old. I have been free of cancer for over 10 months. This is not just a necessary product for everyone; it is something I will never be without. Thank you Mike Akins, thank you Dr. Rob and transfer factors… Ann L. 
  • Hole in the face…I have some major health concerns and I wondered how I would know when and actually if transfer factors were kicking in. It didn’t take long. The day my first order from this company came, I had a “shoot me” of a cold blossoming. The thing is my colds always turn in to bronchitis. I was really prepared for the initial feat. I started the transfer factors and three days later, every cough and sniffle was absolutely gone and I was totally amazed. The other thing that happened was, I had a hole in my face, and now, I know this sounds strange, but it’s the best way I can describe what a cosmetologist did to my cheek, 23 years ago. About every two weeks, I would have to do my ritual cleaning and poking around so the spot wouldn’t get infected. It was actually a 5mm hole. Well, about two weeks ago I got all of my stuff together getting ready for my ritual and I got my magnifying mirror and know what, that hole was gone. This is after twenty-three years. That hole was gone! You know, I always was one who caught every bug coming down the tide. I realize now that it wasn’t that I was born under some sort of a cloud. Now I see and now I know it was because my immune system just never had the “umph” to protect me effectively. Now, this is the first time I am really hopeful that one day I am going to be able to say that my long standing health issues are finally dissolved. And until then, I’m going to tell the rest of the world about 4Life and transfer factors… Rebecca N.
  • Infections, yeast…I really am thankful for TF+. I have suffered for years with infections of various kinds. Yeast, bladder, kidney, and sinus infections just kept on popping up. I began taking Transfer Factor Plus™ 18 months ago. I have been basically infection free now for that long. At first I would get a mild infection but nothing like I did before…. Karen T.

  • Infections, ear…Over the past 4 years, I have experienced chronic Bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections and conjunctivitis. I started taking 3 capsules of Transfer Factor™ a day for the first 3 or 4 days and didn’t really notice much. I talked to Dr. Rob, and he encouraged me to go to 9 capsules a day. Due to the fact that I only had 1 bottle on me, I went to 6 a day. Well within 3 days I started breathing better, feeling more energy, feeling better than I had felt for 4 years. I have been on the Transfer Factor™ for 2 weeks and am taking 9 capsules a day and my health is back. Transfer Factor™ is the only thing that has been able to bring my energy level back up to where it is. I am so excited about being able to help people with their health, but also being able to share a product that can help them with their wealth. To give them an opportunity to make a living doing something that is helping people. I am so excited to be involved with the people and the company. I appreciate all that has been given to me… Julie Cardenaz

  • Infection, staph…I had a type of staph infection on my arms that would itch so bad I’d end up with bleeding sores. After 3 weeks on 4Life™ Transfer Factor™, the sores are finally gone… Bob B.

  • Infection, Sinus… A 58 year old woman who has had 2 sinus surgeries and many sinus infections. She has been treated with antibiotics and cortisone many times. She has been taking TF+ and has not had any major infections in the past 8 months. She says she will not be without the product. G… Wa

  • Infections, staph…For years my friend had a staph infection on his arms that would itch so bad there would be open sores, and after 7 days on 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ the sores were healing… Kevin O.

  • Influenza…I came down with a very bad case of influenza a couple months ago. I had swollen glands, a high fever, a very bad sore throat, the cough — and I had to give a lecture the next day. I doubled up my dose of Transfer Factor™ that day and the next day. Within 48 hours from the start of the infection it had resolved itself and I was up and around — which is absolutely amazing for me, and not at all my pattern… Rita Elkins.

  • Infections, ear…Since my son, Elijah, was born he has suffered from severe ear infections. He was constantly put on antibiotics and had tubes put in his ears. He is now four years old. He has been on transfer factors. He has not experienced an infection… January Jackson

  • Influenza…I came down with a very bad case of influenza a couple months ago. I had swollen glands, a high fever, a very bad sore throat, the cough — and I had to give a lecture the next day. I doubled up my dose of Transfer Factor™ that day and the next day. Within 48 hours from the start of the infection it had resolved itself and I was up and around — which is absolutely amazing for me, and not at all my pattern… Rita Elkins.

  • Infections, ear…Since my son, Elijah, was born he has suffered from severe ear infections. He was constantly put on antibiotics and had tubes put in his ears. He is now four years old. He has been on transfer factors. He has not experienced an infection… January Jackson 

  • Infections, ear…Last year, I got an infection in my ear called “swimmer’s ear.” The last time I had it I didn’t want to go for the antibiotics so I started taking a lot more vitamin C, but it didn’t go away; it got worse. Then I went out and got some goldenseal and Echinacea and started using them, but it didn’t go away. I finally gave in. I said, “Well, I better go get the antibiotics.” Tuesday of last week I got another earache. I was taking a maintenance dose of transfer factors but I decided to take some more of it and just really see what happened. So I took 10 transfer factors capsules, then four hours later I took four more. Four hours later I took another four. I woke up Wednesday morning and it was 90 percent gone. It was there just slightly, nothing like the night before, and through the day it just totally disappeared. I was totally amazed, so I’m a believer… Ray M.

  • Kids…In approximately 250 patient months of kids on 4Life Transfer Factor, only one has returned for antibiotics, and that was after 2-1/2 months. I had been seeing him in my office every 2 weeks prior to using 4Life™ Transfer Factor™.

  • Infection, bladder… I got another bladder infection an decided not to take the usual antibiotics and loaded up on TF+. I was really impressed that my infection cleared up in 24 hours.

  • Infections. Sinus…My partner Barbara and I have worked for four years with herbs & vitamins to restore my health. 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ has done that in less than 3 months. Over the past four years, I have experienced chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, and other conditions. I take every herb or vitamin I can get a hold of to build up my immune system. In the last six months I have been on antibiotics 4 to 6 times with sinus infections. I started taking 6 to 9 Transfer Factor™ a day. Within three days I started breathing better than I had for four years. 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ is the only thing that has been able to bring my energy level back up to where it used to be… Julie C.

  • Infections, ear…As a practicing Paediatrician I actively use 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ in my practice and look forward to drastic decreases in the number of colds and their complications, and middle ear infections that are so common. My Transfer Factor™ kids shows an 85-90% reduction of illness as ‘sick season’ in Maine has started… David Markowitz, M.D.

  • Infections, ear… Last Wednesday I started to get another ear infection in my left ear. I get these stupid things about 4 or 5 times a year and they usually send me to the nearest clinic or emergency room about midnight. It seems to always happen at night and/or on a weekend. By 11P.M. the pain was going down my neck. Not good. When that happens I know I’m really “in for it” and am headed to the clinic – fast. It usually takes 2 to 3 days for the antibiotics they give me to get rid of it when it gets to this stage. I decided to “test” my new enhanced transfer factors with me as the guinea pig. I took 4 about 11Pm, got up at 3AM and took 4 more, got up at 7AM and took 4 more, got up at 10:30AM and took 4 more. Now that’s probably way too much but I was hurting and didn’t want to mess around. The pain began to subside instead of increasing, by the time I got up at 7AM. It was much better by around 2PM Thursday afternoon… Jim Clary

  • Infections, sinus and ear…I listened to the information a friend gave me about transfer factors because my seven year-old daughter has had numerous sinus and ear infections during her life usually using an antibiotic at least 4-5 times a year. The last time she was sick prior to starting the transfer factors it took two antibiotics to actually clear up her infection. I decided to buy a bottle and just keep it on hand, but hadn’t given it to her yet. About 3-4 days after I got the bottle she woke up from a nap with a high fever, 103°, and her ear was hurting. I had drops for her ear for the pain so I did put those in, and I gave her five of the transfer factors mixed in with a little grape juice since she doesn’t swallow capsules well. She went back to sleep and about four hours later she woke up, and I repeated it giving her five more in some juice. She slept some more heading into the night. By morning when she woke up her fever was gone and she was feeling fine. She actually went to her little summer camp program that afternoon… JoLynn Carr

  • Infection, gum…I was sick for many years, and I know herbs helped me to get back to life. However, my immune system was still down, and I had a severe infection in my gums that I could never get rid of. I heard two people talking about transfer factors. It interested me, but I didn’t think any more about it until one of them called and we were talking about it. Then another called me, and that’s when I really got interested. I listened to the 800-number, then I called her back and said I wanted to get transfer factors for myself. When my product came in I took five that afternoon, then I took two more that night before I went to bed. Well, the next day I took five and two, but I had already begun to feel better. The third day my gum infection was gone… Carmen P.

  • Infections…I really am thankful for enhanced transfer factors. I have suffered for years with infections of various kinds. Yeast, bladder, kidney, and sinus infections just kept on popping up. I began taking enhanced transfer factors 18 months ago. I have been basically infection free now for that long. At first I would get a mild infection but nothing like I did before… Karen

  • Infection, tooth…The first time I took enhanced transfer factors, I had a badly infected tooth or gum. My jaw was swollen with inflammation, and the pain was severe. I took six (2 three times) the first day, and the next day I was ecstatic at the improvement. Finding myself with no symptoms after just two days on the product, I was spared a dreaded visit to the dentist. What a thrill to have something so wonderfully effective! Quite amazing actually. Judging by all the other dramatic testimonials I’ve read, this has to be the most eloquent natural product out there!… Dusty Dalton

  • Infection, Staph…I had a type of staph infection on my arms that would itch so bad I’d end up with bleeding sores, but after 3 weeks on transfer factors, the sores are finally gone.” Bob B.

  • Infection, yeast…”I am a 61 year old man and I’ve had a Candida yeast infection for quite a few years. I lost a lot of weight from it. I normally weigh 175 pounds and I was down to 155 pounds. After getting transfer factors, I immediately started taking it. Within three days, I had a tremendous appetite. The next day, I was on top of the world. I gained those 15 pounds back within three weeks after starting on transfer factors… Denton B.

  • Infections, sinus…I was not breast-fed, so I didn’t receive a lot of the transfer factors that I needed. Consequently, I’ve gone through a lifetime of colds, ear infections, sore throats, and sinusitis. I’ve been treated with antibiotics my entire life. About two months ago, I came down with sinusitis and the doctor put me on antibiotics. But they weren’t working, so they gave me cortisone steroid shots. My sister sent me some transfer factors. For the first time in my life, I was able to recover from sinusitis without antibiotics. I’m sold and I am very thankful… Jill A.

  • Infections, ear…Because of a car accident in November of 1997, I was unable to return to my job as a school librarian until the beginning of the 98 term. The fumes from the 3-year-old carpet in the library immediately made my throat and nose burn. Within a week, I had a terrible cold, which developed into an ear infection, laryngitis, bronchitis, and eventually pneumonia. I got over the pneumonia, but the sinus infections, laryngitis, tightness in my chest and throat, and ear infections still plagued me. Early in November, I learned about transfer factors. I took 3 capsules; 3 times a day for 3 days then cut back to 2-3 times a day, then 1-3 times a day. Within a week, I felt great… Mary Anne S.

  • Influenza…I came down with a very bad case of influenza a couple months ago. I had swollen glands, a high fever, a very bad sore throat, the cough — and I had to give a lecture the next day. I doubled up my dose of transfer factors that day and the next day. Within 48 hours from the start of the infection it had resolved itself and I was up and around — which is absolutely amazing for me, and not at all my pattern…Rita Elkins

  • Intestinal virus…Back in March, my son Bryan came down with Rotavirus which is a severe intestinal virus causing severe vomiting and diarrhea and usually hospitalizes kids due to dehydration. Our pediatrician said there was nothing to do but let the virus run its course and expect to experience the diarrhea from 2-4 weeks. I didn’t like that response and chose to give Bryan transfer factors – one capsule in his formula in the morning and one capsule at night. In two days Bryan had kicked the virus out of his system and was his own happy self. Our doctor couldn’t believe how fast he had recovered and had never seen someone so sick with this recover so quickly… C. T. – Pennsylvania

  • Infections…I am so thankful for enhanced transfer factors. I have suffered from sinus infections and bronchitis for at least a dozen years. I have been on antibiotics and taken every nutrient I could find. I received a postcard in the mail and read a Naomi’s testimony. I couldn’t wait to try this product. After I received my product it wasn’t more than a couple weeks before I was feeling better. Now for a couple months, I have felt better than I had in many years… Marsha Miles

  • “I was not breast-fed, so I didn’t receive a lot of the transfer factors that I needed as a baby. Consequently, I’ve gone through a lifetime of colds, ear infections, sore throats, and sinusitis. I’ve been treated with antibiotics my entire life. About two months ago, I came down with sinusitis and the doctor put me on antibiotics. But they weren’t working, so they gave me cortisone steroid shots. My sister sent me some transfer factors. For the first time in my life, I recovered from sinusitis without antibiotics. I’m sold and I am very thankful.” Jill A.

  • “I am a 61 year old man and I’ve had a Candida yeast infection for quite a few years. I lost a lot of weight from it. I normally weigh 175 pounds and I was down to 155 pounds. After getting transfer factors, I immediately started taking it. Within three days, I had a tremendous appetite. The next day, I was on top of the world. I gained those 15 pounds back within three weeks after starting on transfer factors.” Denton B.
  • blondie (smart mix zija)
    great to reduce inflammation
    March 15, 2014
    Been drinking this for 3 years and I truly feel it has helped decrease inflammation throughout my body. I just drink a packet in water every other morning rather than every day. I do not like the sweetness of the new Smart Mix though. The original was better for my taste buds. I have to dilute the new in 32 oz in order to drink it.
  • Imbalance hormones…For years I have suffered from an imbalance in hormones. Emotionally, I was on a roller coaster. I am 49-years-old and have been on Premarin. I have had fibrocystic cysts removed from my breast. I love 4Life’s™ FemPro™. Since I have been on this wonderful product, my emotions have levelled off. Lumps have stopped forming and my monthly cycle has normalized… Donna F.
  • Kidney…A couple of weeks ago I got very, very ill–so ill that I had to go to the hospital. I had a tremendous pain in my side and I was pretty sure I had a kidney infection. It usually keeps me down for about 20 days. For a week and a half, I couldn’t eat and I threw up and had diarrhea all day long. My husband got in contact with someone who was a distributor at the company and I decided to quit all my other pills and just take transfer factors. The next day, I took nine–three in the morning, three in the afternoon, and three at night. The day after that, I had my first meal. I was grateful that I felt so much better. I really believe it’s the transfer factors that have given me the energy that I need… Isabel A.

  • Kidneys, nephrotic … My son Jasper, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (in laymen terms – kidneys not able to sieve protein molecules) when he was 11 months old. He is now 7 years old. His prognosis was not good; his health got worse from year to year. I almost lost him on September 11, 2001 after he went into shock and lost consciousness due to attacks form Chicken Pox and another stomach virus. I was advised by the doctors to improve his immune system, otherwise he will have a high chance of having kidneys failure in 2002. He has been treated with steroids, so much that he had become steroid dependent. The toxicity of steroids can be seen on his face and all over his bloated body. In June of 2002 I started him on TF+, 6 a day. I could see visible results after only 2 weeks. His hairy hands and body became not so hairy. He started to slim down. His daily pee test showed no trace of protein. Since then he is sick less and he recovered from a cough without antibiotics. So far, he has not fallen ill except for 2 times of cough virus attacks. This is unlike the past when I had to visit the doctors for antibiotics every other week. Currently, he is living like any other normal kid. I do not need to control his diet. He was on salt free diet for the past 5 years… CY/Malaysia

  • Kidney infection… The grandmother of my friend was in the hospital with a severe kidney infection. The doctors had planned on putting her on kidney dialysis. My friend gave her Choice 50 and TF+ while in the hospital. Within days the infection cleared up and the doctors sent her home saying that she does not need the kidney dialysis. My family has taken grape seed for many years and truly believe in its healing power. We are extremely happy with the products and would recommend them to anyone… Darlene…NC

  • Kidney…”My mother, who has suffered with a serious kidney disease for the past 10 years, and tore her Achilles tendon away from the bone around a year ago, began taking transfer factors, along with Fibro AMJ, 7 days ago. She has been taking about 10-12 prescriptions for the above conditions, none of which had helped with her heel problems. Starting on the 4th day of taking the T.F. & Fibro AMJ (A.M.), at the recommended dosage of 3 each per day, she began to notice an improvement. Today, she says it’s better than it’s been for a very long time, and is reporting that she’s also feeling an improvement in her general well-being. She must be, since over the past few days she has vacuumed her house, washed some windows, and washed & waxed her car. That’s more activity than I’ve seen from her in years! Many thanks to everyone involved with these remarkable products. My mother-in-law is starting the same regimen next week. I’ll keep you posted on her progress, as well.” Jill

  • Kidney failure… Originally Cynthia was taken to the emergency room in very serious condition and then she was placed in ICU, where she has remained since then. The head physician didn’t see how she could live. The bacteria had ravaged her muscles, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. For at least ten days Cynthia has suffered from kidney failure gaining over 30 pounds since she could not eliminate liquid. They used furosemide to move some of the liquid through her, but the kidneys were not purifying. The kidney marker was up to 12+ and the physician didn’t believe there was much chance that the kidneys would ever function again. We talked the physician into using transfer factors after it didn’t look like the antibiotics were going to do the job and seemed that the kidneys were to far gone. I am very happy to report that we got word from the hospital today 13 days later that Cynthia is be released tomorrow from the hospital. One of the nurses said, “she had never seen a patient come back from the condition that Cynthia was in, it must have been divine intervention.” Of course we cannot know exactly what the total answer was that saved Cynthia’s life. Cynthia has been ill for 17 years. Before she had this last event, her body weight was down to 89 pounds so when she was hit by this ravaging infection it was considerably more dangerous. The doctors shared no hope that she could recover, actually just the opposite. Today she is laughing, joking and excited about going home. Was it transfer factors? Was it the wonderful care of the doctors and nurses? Was it prayer? Maybe all three. We are finding over and over again that wonderful things can happen when your immune system is filled with intelligence and working at top efficiency. Thanks for all of your prayers… Kay Bergen for Cynthia Bergen
  • Lung congestion…When I first joined this company, I was really eager to try transfer factors because my 9-year-old grandson had lung congestion for months and decongestant pills and cough medicines were simply ineffective. I gave him two capsules of transfer factors. When I got home, my daughter called to report that there had been no coughing since we’d given him transfer factors. The next morning, the cough that he had had the last several weeks was gone. I have had lifetime attacks of bronchitis and laryngitis, neither desensitization nor strong medications ever helped. the other day, I had to mow the lawn before more rain so I fortified myself with transfer factors and went out into that pollution, expecting to mow only 1/4 of an acre and then quit because I’d be in trouble. I was having such a good time and no problems at all that I did the entire year and was looking around at the neighbours’ yards to see if they’d mind if I did theirs. I’m feeling good with no coughing at all since the transfer factors. This is the very first product I have ever taken which has demonstrated immediate improvement. After a lifetime of sluggishness my immune system must be shocked and delighted, and so am I. Marilyn K.
  • Lupus … I introduced TF in April to my pastor’s wife. She has had a red rash on her face, neck, arms, and tummy for over a year. She has tried all kinds of very expensive creams and drugs that her doctor prescribed for her. Nothing had helped the rash. She started using TF RenewAll Cream a week ago along with the Transfer Factor. She also doubled up on the Transfer Factor a couple of weeks ago. Even before she started using the TF RenewAll Cream the rash started to disappear all over her body. Today, the rash is almost completely gone… Floris/Michigan

  • Lupus…I contracted systemic lupus at age 11 and have experienced many difficult periods over the past 13 years. In the early years it attacked my central nervous system and radical measures were required to slow the disease. I had two rounds of chemotherapy and several steroid pulse treatments. I have been taking steroids daily in varying doses all these years, but have continued to have several reoccurring episodes every year. I have taken vitamins and herbs, along with various other food and vitamin supplements. I have also tried juicing for extended periods of time and continue to make juicing part of my diet. I have tried anything that I thought would help me control my health so I could stop taking steroids. About four months ago I felt the onset of another lupus episode. I developed a pain in my chest that hurt when I tried to breathe in deep. It felt like someone was stepping on my chest constricting my breathing. The pain continued to get worse so that I finally called my doctor, who sent me to a cardiologist. He told me I had pericarditis and that I would have to increase my prednisone. I do not like taking prednisone and I don’t like increasing my dosages. When I came home from the appointment I noticed that first box of 4Life supplements had arrived that morning. I began taking them that night. I also decided that I would not increase my dosage of prednisone as much as the doctor had prescribed. The next day I felt an improvement in my breathing and the pain had lessened. For the next couple of days I continued with the 4Life™ Transfer Factor™, BioVitamins™, and the BioEFA™. I was feeling great and I reduced my prednisone to the normal amount. The next week I went in for an ultrasound to check for fluid around my heart. There was none at all; it completely disappeared. The nurse remarked, “Boy, those steroids really did their job!” I just smiled and said, “I guess so.” But I was really thinking, “This 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ stuff must work, because I know it’s not the steroids!” I have been taking 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ for almost 4 months and I believe it has helped me tremendously. I have more energy and am able to keep a full-time job. I still have days when I am tired and feel achy, but it seems like not as often as usual. I have struggled for 13 years trying to find things to deal with my lupus symptoms. I’ve taken so many different kinds of herbal products and vitamins, and have tried many different remedies. Many have worked for a while but eventually I would start to feel bad again. I have been reluctant to say much before now because all these various remedies have resulted in disappointment. I am taking this one step at a time and not getting my hopes too high, but at the same time I am feeling great and doing great….John/Chicago
  • Leukaemia…ID is an eleven year old with a complex leukaemia history. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at age 2 with a relapse several years after chemotherapy. Next came a bone marrow transplant and THREE more relapses after the transplant. To add insult to injury, the last relapse was diagnosed as Acute Myeloblastic Leukaemia, a VERY difficult cancer to treat. On to a very toxic course of chemotherapy and a slow definitive road to remission. ID was started on TF initially at month 5 of chemotherapy to help support his immune function and hopefully, reduce the chances of infectious complications. TF+ was added 2 months later. His oncologist (my medical partner) has been very pleased and impressed with the results. First, ID breezed through his therapy” tolerating very low blood counts, with no febrile (or infectious) episodes, and always in very good spirits. When last seen in early 9/99, ID was “thriving” and continues in full remission, with no infectious disease, enjoying a full life as a vigorous 11 year school kid. The “way Life should be”. How has TF and TF+ impacted this young man? It most likely spared him the life-threatening complications of infectious disease. It apparently improved his tolerance of a very toxic course of chemotherapy. And it may be helping him in his daily immune fight against relapse and infectious stresses. Unquestionably, the fact that ID is alive is a miracle, one dictated by a “Higher Authority”: the quality of his life may just be because of immune boosting with 4LR products… And his spirit and his will to live…ID/NYC
  • Leukaemia… When I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic Leukaemia and my white cell count 29,000 per millilitre. Chemotherapy is recommended at white cells are at 40,000 per millilitre, and since starting transfer factors it has decreased gradually to 23,500… Monte R.

  • “In January 2000, I got real sick and started haemorrhaging all over. Along with other infections, I was diagnosed with AML, a type of leukaemia. I was shipped to MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, Texas. My wife brought me a marketing magazine and I saw the company ad and looked into it. After a couple of weeks of background look on the product, I decided to take it. My blood work was starting to stabilize after a week or so, and my platelets were even getting steady, though my spleen was eating them rapidly. They took out my spleen and that was also stabilized. I consumed maybe 4-5 bottles of enhanced transfer factors in three months. On April 20, 2000, I was released from my doctor’s care. He said I am now considered a success case because no leukaemia is found and all of my counts are clean.” Leroy R.
  • Lyme disease…I have been helping a bed-ridden 44-year-old woman with Lyme disease who has been in bed for the last 7 years. They have had her on long term antibiotics for 8 months now without improvement. Her mom put her on TF Plus (9 per day) two weeks ago and she told her mom today that she is feeling better already! I also heard from a friend of mine regarding her father. He has a rare form of leukaemia and is too old for chemo. In February, they told her to take him home and keep him comfortable. They gave him 2-3 months to live. My friend called me and we started him on 12 TF Plus and a few other things. He is doing so well now that the blood blisters on his arms are clearing up and he is out and about. The doctors have finally started asking him what he is doing. He is telling everyone! …Kristie Barringer

  •  Lyme disease… I have had Lyme disease for some time now. A friend recommended taking enhanced transfer factors. I was very sceptical about taking it because I have taken so many different types of pills, it just seemed useless. After noticing a decrease in stamina over a period of time, I decided to give enhanced transfer factors a try. I am absolutely convinced and believe that enhanced transfer factors helps my body repair on a daily basis… Karen
  • Lump on throat… My granddaughter was scratched by a cat at the age of four. She contracted some kind of bacteria. A lump appeared on her throat. The lump was surgically removed, only to grow back. She is now twelve years old and has suffered sore throats and the lump for all of these years. Her physician gave her every appropriate antibiotic without results. After one week on transfer factors, the lump and sore throat had improved… Richard Talkington, Illinois
  • Mood swings and depressions … I have been taking Prozac (now known as Fluoxatine) for about 5 years. I have taken myself off this once or twice over this time, but the symptoms have always returned. Since being on TF, I have cut down my dosage by half. My next step will be to cut down to 1-2 caps weekly. I have done this before and the doctor said I may as well not be taking it, but I felt to have some of the drug in my system was a help. The real test will be when I have been off Fluoxatine for several months…Sandra/Ontario
  • Melanoma…”I was diagnosed with a level 3 Melanoma 13th June 2001 after my GP removed a mole from my back Friday 8th June 2001. I proceeded to take 8 TF Plus a day. My GP referred me to a specialist for an appointment on Monday 18th June and at the appointment he proceeded to inform me of the severity of the problem and that there were dangerous cells still in the area of the removed mole going by the Pathology report. He said that with technology that is available today he can determine the area that had to be removed and had to book me into Hospital to remove a sizable chunk from my back to reduce the chance of further problems. I was to be admitted to Hospital the very next morning. Now comes the interesting part , I have had the stitches removed Friday 6th July 2001 and the Doctor sat me down after removing the stitches and said that I was to see him every 3 months as a precaution but was at a loss to explain the Pathology results. The results came back all clear, NO DANGEROUS CELLS TO BE FOUND !! I’m so thankful for finding 4Life Research and in particular the Professional Networkers Team, because I truly believe that we have a product that can, and will change peoples lives. What has come out of this experience for me is a determination to promote the products to as many people as I can because I truly believe that by helping people to experience a better healthy life I have succeeded in what we are all put on this earth to do, Help others and our lives will be fulfilled. Paul Simpson
  • Multiple Sclerosis… TF and FibroAMJ have really made a difference in my life. I have MC. I have days of partial paralysis and extreme flu like pains/ Since I started taking these products I find I have more good days than bad. During my good days, I feel that I have more strength then I had before. Sue H … UT

  • Multiple Sclerosis… I am a mother of six and have 19 grandchildren. I’ve been on a lot of herbs for the last 5 or 6 years. I have MS and I was in bed all Oct. and Nov. of last year. I couldn’t walk and I had chronic migraines. I started taking TF and I started feeling better. I had some strength and was not having problems with my legs and arms. It has now been 2 ½ months since I’ve had an episode with MS…

  • Multiple Sclerosis… I have taken natural products for years but I have difficulty swallowing and 30+ pills a day became stressful. I started taking TF2 ½ months ago and have felt better that I have in 3 years. I recently began to get a bladder infection so I increased my TF and it went away. My husband got over a bad cold very quickly after taking TF. My daughter has asthma, Her asthma is better now that she is taking TF Wendy… CA
  • Nasal congestion, atopic eczema … My son Stephen, 8 years old had a very bad case of congestion (has to breathe through the mouth while sleeping), for the last 5 years. Medication only provided temporary relief. His conditions improved significantly after 2 months on TF. After 3 months he’s free of those conditions. He also has atopic eczema on the palms of both hands (rashes, skin crack and peel). Applying hand cream from the skin specialist would make the conditions go away, but it would recur within a month or so. This has been going on for the last 3-4 years. He’s been on TF for 5 months now, the cracks and peel is gone, just the occasional rash. …TG/TW/Malaysia

  • Nasal congestion … After 2 months on TF an 11 year old boy’s condition went away… TG/TW/Malaysia
  • Osteoarthritis … I went without TF for 5 days last week and my Osteoarthritis came back with vengeance. My toes were so curled over, nodules returned below joints and walking was agony. I started taking Fibro AMJ (Australian formula) and after having 8 TF over the day and 4 AMJ by the next morning, walking was improved. Within 2 days, my feet were not as swollen and the nodules below my toe joints were also diminishing Transfer Factor truly makes the world of difference to not only my condition, (Rheumatoid was also diagnosed in 1981) but other people with the same condition! So, obviously my body needs a little more feeding but TF & AMJ combination is critical to overall Immune System being heightened and keeping Natural Killer cells in the higher numbers…. Deborah (Immunologist)/Australia

  • Osteoarthritis … I went without TF for 5 days last week and my Osteoarthritis came back with vengeance. My toes were so curled over, nodules returned below joints and walking was agony. I started taking Fibro AMJ (Australian formula) and after having 8 TF over the day and 4 AMJ by the next morning, walking was improved. Within 2 days, my feet were not as swollen and the nodules below my toe joints were also diminishing Transfer Factor truly makes the world of difference to not only my condition, (Rheumatoid was also diagnosed in 1981) but other people with the same condition! So, obviously my body needs a little more feeding but TF & AMJ combination is critical to overall Immune System being heightened and keeping Natural Killer cells in the higher numbers…. Deborah (Immunologist)/Australia
  • PMS…After the birth of my first child, I started having PMS. Over the years, the symptoms became worse and worse until I was experiencing three weeks of PMS every month. I tried another wild yam cream, which was able to get rid of most of my symptoms. Then, I started on the FemPro™ cream and I could tell the difference right away. I will not go to bed or get up in the morning without it… Debra H.

  • PMS… As women know, we suffer with PMS and it can be pretty bad sometimes, the depression and moodiness. I take BioGenistein Plus™ once a day and during that certain time when PMS sets in. I take it twice daily and it just smoothes over those feelings of anger and depression that women get with PMS… Patricia T.

  • PMS… I cannot tell you how thankful I am for 4Life’s™ BioGenistein Plus™ and FemPro™. I have suffered for years with major PMS challenges and with fibrocystic. Since I have used the 4Life products I have experienced what I call a miracle. I have tried other products with limited results. Thank you 4Life… Tina A.
  • Planter wart… A 4 year old wart disappeared while taking TF… Eunice.. NJ
  • Prostate… My husband has had an enlarged prostate for around 5 years. He has had frequent and painful urination with urgency. His PSA has stayed normal, but we are nevertheless concerned. After all the holiday treats and lack of sleep, his prostate condition worsened more than ever. He was in great pain and would spend 20 minutes urinating. He began taking transfer factors and within 24 hours was getting some slight relief from the symptoms, and he knew he was going in the right direction. With each passing day he has improved tremendously and now after 2 weeks, he feels like a new man. Urination is painless, steady and he sleeps through the night. He hasn’t felt this good in 5 years. We are hoping for a complete normalization of this 5 year condition. Debra Jenkins
  • Polyp in uterus … Women in her 40s developed polyp 4 years ago and it got bigger every year. She took TF for 32 months plus Rite Start Women in between. Now there is no trace of the polyp during the ultra-scan in Feb 03. “It’s, gone” said her gynaecologist. She also noticed improvement in her haemorrhoid condition. TG/TW/Malaysia
  • Severe Rash… I have been going to a highly respected dermatologist regarding a rash for the past three years. I had been taking erythromycin for most of that time along with ointments, creams, lotions, etc. Two months ago, I began taking TF and I noticed a huge improvement. I went to the dermatologist just a few days ago, and he was amazed with the improvement. He told me to just keep doing with I am doing, and I don’t have to come back for a month. I am still using all of the external medication, but I am convinced that the major contributor to the improvement is the TF. I will continue with the TF indefinitely… DRW – Seattle

  • Skin…For years I’ve had trouble with my hands. They split open and they bleed. They itch, and they crack. They can become very painful. I was told at one point that it was a parasitic condition yet I knew, of course, it was an immune condition. Well, when I started on TF I had one finger that had not healed up for a couple of months and I really didn’t know what I was going to do about it. After just a couple of days on TF, and I guess at the time I was probably taking four a day, that finger healed up completely. Then as time went on over the next couple of weeks the rest of my fingers healed up very nicely and today I don’t suffer from the condition that really has plagued me for several years. All I can say is thank you to TF, and thank you to this company… Susan K.

  • Scabs, sores… He had scabs and open sore wounds all over his arms. As he was rolling his shirt sleeves back he said, “You know, I’ve seen dermatologist after dermatologist, doctor after doctor. Nobody knows exactly what this is. They tell me it’s viral in base, but they’ve never been able to do anything about it.” As his sleeves rolled back I saw that they had gone from open wounds to blemishes in a seven to ten day period. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’m not quite sure I’d believe it. It was a real testament to the fact that we have a very, very powerful product on our hands… Kevin O’Conner

  • Skin, bad condition…I’m almost embarrassed to say I was so sceptical it took me three months to listen to what transfer factors would do for me. But I had a very bad skin condition on my chin and I had spent thousands of dollars going from doctor to doctor and they literally could not correct it. I tried every medication you could think of and they just simply gave up. Well it was really upsetting to me, as you can imagine. I finally gave in and I tried transfer factors internally and even topically. Within about 12 hours for the first time, it began helping. My face is practically back to normal now. I’m just so thankful for the product… Bonnie T.

  • I have had rough and flaky skin for over 40 years and have used many products on the market without success. Nothing has helped….until Zija. I can see my elbows and knees! It is great to run my fingers through my hair and to feel a healthy scalp. I have also had an energy increase and my night vision seems better too! Now I want others to enjoy life as I am. Thanks.—Rose C. Lamay
  • Sore throat…My husband, a medical doctor, was cautious about endorsing TF until he had a sore throat and TF helped him get over it in a day.” Lisa K.
  • Psoriasis…I am a registered nurse, 64 years old and respect what medications can do. However, prescriptions were not helping my severe allergies or my psoriasis. Allergic episodes usually resulted in a mega-infection of bronchitis or a sinus infection. My psoriasis did not respond to any of the many medications. Both of these health problems are in the autoimmune category. I included 4 capsules of Choice 50 and 3 Transfer Factor in my daily supplements. The Choice 50 served as my antioxidant, and the Transfer Factor helped my immune system. Both the allergies and psoriasis have totally disappeared. Choice 50 and Transfer Factor are a dynamic combination that has truly improved the quality of life …Doreen L
  • Pregnancy… I’ve had a female problem since I started my cycle as a teenager and was in a great deal of pain. My doctor prescribed a very strong reliever and I still was no getting any relief. My husband and I wanted to start a family but I was unable to get pregnant. A friend of mine introduced me to TF and within 1 month I was pain free and within2 months I was pregnant, I know God gave me a friend, knowing that she had TF to share with me… Missy… SC

  • Pregnancy… I took TF throughout my pregnancy. This was my third baby. This time I experienced no pregnancy mask, no morning sickness, and no edema. I delivered a healthy 8 lb 11 oz baby boy. He is such a good baby… Mary Lynn… NC
  • Pulmonary problem… A 45 year old woman who had been running marathons developed a pulmonary problem and had to use inhalers and many medications to breath. She had used cortisone many times and other bronchodilators. She has been using TF for 2 years and has not used medication since she started using TF. She is back running marathons and works out full-time and baby sit her 3 grandchildren after work. Her grandchildren also take TF and they are never sick.. C…CA
  • “My wife has been restricted to bed for over a year due to a stroke. I have been giving her the Wellness Extra and it has been very successful in keeping her viral free. However she has had to take antibiotics frequently to control bacterial infections. After speaking with you last month, you informed me about the NEW Wellness Extra. About 10 days ago she came down with Pneumonia. I was taking her in daily to have strong antibiotics injected through an IV. After a week she was not getting any better. Last week you were generous enough to send me some New Wellness Capsules. After only 3 days her white blood counts went to normal. I can’t thank you enough.” BD, Ojai, CA

  • Parkinson’s … I have a patient with Parkinson’s disease who after being on TF for a couple of months noticed his tremors had subsided remarkably to the point of very little shakes, and slight speech improvement. Deborah/Australia

  • “As you know, I have only started with the company products about four weeks ago. I started the products with really no hope or expectations whatsoever. My results have been absolutely amazing. My symptoms are basically three fold. The first being Parkinson’s disease. The second being degenerative disc disease in my back and third chronic sinus with sinus infection and that type of thing. In three days I noticed a difference in my overall health. I could tell something was working. I wasn’t having to use over the counter decongestants and that type of thing. Much to my surprise within a week or so, I noticed a tremendous difference in my Parkinson’s symptoms, which I never had any expectations for whatsoever. Again, this includes symptoms like pain, sleeplessness, and obviously with mine I had tremors. I could go on and on, but I have now in a four week period come to a point where I could honestly say am at a 95 percent ratio. I think these results are phenomenal given the time frame. I’m sleeping at night. have very little cramping whatsoever. The tremors are almost non-existent at this point, which I think is fascinating. I have quit seeing the neurologist that I was going to, and a week or so ago I stopped taking the medication prescribed to me. This has all come to an end and I am only taking the enhanced transfer factors and the Fibro AMJ, Day and Night-time. These are the only things I’m on and the results are incredible.” Scott M.
  • Permanent make up … Roxana owns a beauty clinic and tells us that she is married to TF. She does a lot of permanent make up and has discovered that using the TF Spray after the procedure, the skin regenerates twice as fast. And it also minimizes the pain. Roxana/Mexico
  • “About six years ago I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis. Within months of being diagnosed, the pain level had increased to the point that if I sat in a soft chair or couch I would have to have somebody grab my arms and help me up. I couldn’t walk up the stairs, there’s 14 stairs in my house, to go to bed. My husband would have to literally pull me up the stairs. When I got up in the morning, I could stand but I wouldn’t be able to move for probably 15 to 20 minutes. I would stumble around. I wasn’t able to function. The pain level was so intense. I tried every medication that the doctor prescribed. You name it, I tried it. Nothing worked. Well, consequently when transfer factors were mentioned to me, I was open minded about it. First I should tell you that in all this pain, I never slept a whole night. I would be awake two to three times a night because the pain level was so great, even the blankets pressing on my feet hurt. I just didn’t sleep well at all. To continue, I started Transfer Factors with the Fibro AMJ system . I woke up six days after starting this system and went, wow! I just slept through the night with no pain! No pain! First time in six years! I stood up, I now find that when I get up in the morning, within three to four minutes I’m able to function, It’s just absolutely amazing to me. The pain is gone. I go days on end with no pain. I haven’t had pain at night for so long. The swelling has gone down. It’s just to me, a miracle. It’s absolutely a miracle what transfer factors and the Fibro AMJ system have done for me. I don’t know how to say it any other way. I’m so excited about it. I tell everybody, people who have gone through this with me and have seen me stumbling around, shuffling around my warehouse; they just can’t believe that I’m actually walking around now. It’s just unbelievable.” Carol K.

  • “”I have arthritis, and I am telling anybody that has arthritis– please take Fibro AMJ, it’s wonderful. I’m also on transfer factors but I couldn’t live without the Fibro AMJ.” Bernice M.
  • Shingles … A 57 year old woman who had shingles for months and did not want any more medication found her shingles disappear after 2 weeks on TF. She continues to take TF as prevention…. L … NJ
  • Shingles … Having suffered with shingles for over a month and still not being able to sleep at night, I increased my dosage of TF to 12 a day for 3 days and had immediate relief. They have not bothered my since… Bridget/Florida
  • “I had a cold for about a week and started taking Humic Acid. I improved within a day or two, but since I was already getting over the cold, I don’t know if it did that much for me. However, I had a flare-up of my Shingles while I was still taking one a day. The shingles flare was very mild and only lasted a day rather than a week or so as usual.” A. F. Carlsbad, CA
  • Sinus … Ten years old boy had bad congestion and sniffling, after 1 month on TF. The conditions went away… TG/TW/Malaysia

  • Sinus, chronic … JT, 45 years has been suffering from it since very young, and medication always on standby. Felt good after a week on TF and after a month he was singing praises about TF. This is what he says, “of all the supplement I’ve ever taken, nothing comes close to TF… TG/TW/Malaysia

  • Sinus … Due to the stress of my job I developed tension headaches (back of head) for more than 10 years. At times quite bad and painful. I also developed sinus-like conditions about 6-7 years ago; sneezing frenzy, running nose and nasal congestion were common. And also there’s the occasional throat infection. I also developed an ache and stiffness in the lower back. I tried many types of health supplements and herbal remedies that didn’t help and medications only provided temporary relief. I took TF for a month and then a combination of TF/TF+. After a month my sinus conditions had improved considerably. After 2-3 months both my tension headache and sinus were gone and I also noticed improvement to my lower back. I was able to just get up and go; no problem with my lower back. This was a very pleasant surprise. ..TG/Malaysia

  • “My daughter suffered from serious sinus problems and asthma. Having provided the genes for her condition ( I too am asthmatic) I have felts pangs of guilt knowing that all my training could not stop the common cold virus from rendering Leena helplessly gasping for air a few hours after each infection. Her mother (a paediatric nurse) and I tried every prescription and alternative therapy known, without success. Helplessly we would stand by the bedside offering repeated breathing therapy with slow if any progress. In the local Children’s hospital we agonized, like any parents, over each breath our little girl took. In our home viruses can mean colds and “colds always mean asthma!” With the onset of one particularly virulent head cold, we tried transfer factors, a product I felt, theoretically, might work. After several doses we couldn’t believe how quickly our daughter’s condition improved. Now taking transfer factors before a bad cold, she remains well. Thanks to transfer factors we regained a normal child. Now we all use transfer factors regularly and are enjoying the best health we have ever had.” Ranya L. Alexander, Ph.D., M.D.

  • Since I started drinking Zija I notice relieved sinus congestion, I sleep better, have improved breathing and less pain and stiffness.—L.P. Hill
  • Thyroid goiter…I have a thyroid goiter and have been on medication for many years to control its size. Even with the medication, I have always been able to see or feel it. On the fourth day after starting transfer factors, I noticed that the enlargement (goiter) on my neck was smaller. After using transfer factors for about ten days, my goiter had noticeably improved. I hadn’t even thought transfer factors could help. But I’m still feeling great… Gaye L

  • Thyroid… I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism for 4 years, to the extent that my Thyroid activity was non-existent. During this time, I’ve been on different dosages of Synthroid medication & Cytomel with little to no effect. Within a week and a half of starting on transfer factors, I had blood work done. The blood work showed a positive result in my Thyroid activity. After continuing on the transfer factors for another month, to my surprise (and my doctor’s) the results of my last blood work came back totally normal! Other than my “previous Thyroid condition,” I also have Lupus, a condition that I have been plagued with for 7 years; but thanks to transfer factors I have more energy than ever, and I have not experience any pain in my joints since I started transfer factors. For me I can say that TF are a Godsend… Bianca Pagan

  • “I am 37 years old, and two months ago I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. The pathologist said that he was 95% sure that I had papillary thyroid cancer. Well, I didn’t believe him. So he gave the results to two other pathologists on blind study who confirmed that indeed I did have cancer. I was already following a nutritional program, so on top of that I started taking one transfer factors three time a day and two enhanced transfer factors three times a day. I took those on top of my baseline nutritional program for two solid weeks before my operation. They removed the entire thyroid and they could not find any cancer whatsoever. By the way, I have the lab results saying that I had cancer, and the follow-up lab results stating that I don’t have cancer. I am really happy with the results.” Carlos P.
  • From 2003-2004, I took medication as a prophylactic (preventive) treatment to guard against contracting Tuberculosis, in a prison setting. On June 21, 2004, I awoke that morning with no feeling or sensation in my extremities, just severe numbness. Literally, I could no longer feel my extremities and was unable to walk three feet, without falling. This feeling lasted for three months and then came the pain. For twenty-five of the twenty-eight months, I suffered excruciating and debilitating pain. I was no longer able to function without the use of prosthetic devices ie, canes walkers, prosthetic shoes, hand, arm and wrist braces. I was diagnosed with an extremely rare disorder, Peripheral Neuropathy (PNS). In layman’s term, the medication I was taking to protect me permanently destroyed my bodies neurological (electrical) system. Physicians fed me every anti-medicine and pain pill possible, in an effort to relieve my symptoms because no medicine prevents, treats or cures PNS. Also, the side effects from taking so many medications was almost killing me. Physicians wanted to start administering even more powerful pain medications, but I refused. I asked my physicians to discharge me from all medications except for high blood pressure and cholesterol tablets. I decided to just live in pain for the next seventeen months. In October 2006, I was introduced to Zija. Within ten hours after drinking several cans of Zija, the sensation and feelings returned to my legs and a lot of the pain dissipated. Within twenty hours after drinking Zija, I was able to walk again for the first time in twenty-eight months. Eight months later, I remain one of Zija’s walking testimonies. —Ben Davis
  • Davisha (smart mix zija)
    R u worth it?
    November 11, 2016
    Smart mix is expensive, does not complete dissolve and recommends you drink 2 a day if you got serious weight to loose. That being said it does work. I noticed more energy, better sleep and improved vision. Invest in yourself…u r worth it!
  • Vivian Shaw (super mix zija)
    Excellent vitamin delivery
    March 11, 2014
    It’s easy to get all the vitamins you need in a simple drink, and the weight loss is encouraging, as well.

  • Penelope J Concha (smart mix zija)
    August 28, 2017
    Awesome Product to lose fat weight

  • Runner (smart mix zija)
    November 5, 2012
    I was dubious at first but this stuff really works. I drink it first thing in the morning and it suppresses my appetite for the WHOLE day without any side effects. Although, the first 3 days of taking it, I felt really sleepy in the morning…it wasn’t good whilst driving. That went away and after taking if for a week now, I’ve lost 2lbs. I love this product but I’m giving it four stars because it is expensive.
  • patricia hurdle (smart mix zija)
    Love it
    September 13, 2013
    Works wonders for my cholesterol and weight control. This supplement is the greatest although the cost is rather exacerbated. I would highly recommend this for just overall feeling of well-being. I plan on this being an every day supplement for me for life!
  • Weight loss … I had a baby last year and had not been able to lose the extra weight I gained while pregnant even though I exercised. After 2 ½ months on Shape 4Life I lost 16 lbs. …Macame/Utah

  • Weight loss …I was overweight most of my life. I had tried lots of diets and was not successful. After 90 days on Shape4Life I lost 28 lbs and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol. ..April/Utah
  • Sandra Jimenez
    Results: lost 11 pounds and 8% body fat. *
    4LIFE PRODUCTS: PRO-TF™, 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo, 4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime,
    RiteStart® Women, Energy Go Stix®, 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Stix Tri-Factor® Formula, NutraStart
    Focused on quality nutrition
    • Worked out (cardio and weights) five times per week for one hour and 30 minutes per session.
    “I have had great success with several ShapeRite weight management products, so I decided to pamper myself with what I now call the Meltdown – ShapeRite’s Body Wrap Combo. I dropped to a size eight and lost 18 total inches from my stomach in less than three and a half weeks. I can’t wait to get to the beach!” D.B. Maryland
  • “I live in the south west and because I am constantly working outside on my ranch, my exposure rate to the West Nile virus is extremely high. To prevent getting this virus my family and I take Humic Acid daily. I am also giving it to my horses to help prevent them from getting the virus. I would highly recommend to everyone to take Humic Acid.” L. G. Taos, N
  • “I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr over 15 years ago. Ever since then, I get sick at least a couple times a year. Four months ago, I started taking Humic Acid and have been healthier than I’ve been in 15years.” S. B. Los Angeles, Calif.
  • “In college I came down with Mononucleosis. My parents gave me some Humic Acid and after only about three days I felt normal again. I’ll let you know what the doctor says when I get my blood drawn!” J. J. Santa Barbara, CA
  • “I have lived with Herpes Simplex Virus for the past 20years. I suffer from facial outbreaks once every other month or so.I started taking Humic Acid at the suggestion of a friend. I take two pills every day and have not had an outbreak since! Thank you for developing such an effective product.” G.P. San Diego, CA
  • “For the last fifteen years I have lived with Genital Herpes. About once a month I would expect an outbreak. The medication I was taking was not helping. A friend of mine suggested Humic Acid. I began using it at the suggested dosage and the infection cleared up in a few days. I take a daily dose of one tablet and I have not had a reoccurrence.” D. Z. Cleveland, OH
  • “Thank you so much for making your wonderful product available. I was plagued by Genital Herpes for years when a friend suggested I try the Humic Acid. I began using Humic Acid and the infection cleared up within a few days. I take a maintenance dose of one tablet every day and I have not had a reoccurrence, nor have I had any other type of viral infections. R. G.I used to get Cold Sores & Fever Blisters at least once every 2 months and sometimes every month. I have been on Humic Acid for 8 months and have not had one single outbreak.” B. G. Torrance, CA
  • “Every year, or when I’m stressed, I get a Cold Sore on my upper lip. It always lasts for 3 to 4 weeks and has an ugly scab. As soon as I noticed the cold sore, I began taking Humic Acid. It went away in four days—not a trace of it!” B. Carlsbad, CA
  • “I woke up with an ugly Cold Sore on my upper lip. In addition to taking the Humic Acid tablets, I broke open a tablet and put it directly on the sore, mixed with lip balm. It was much better the next day, and completely healed within 36 hours.” L. D. Visalia, 
  • “I have suffered from Oral Herpes from about the age of 13. Playing sports and being out in the sun caused numerous outbreaks that were just not treatable with the Acyclovir the doctors were prescribing. I first tried Wellness Extra about a year ago and I must say it is an absolute miracle. Taking as directed, I melted 2 Wellness Extra capsules in a cup of hot water in the morning and took 2 to 4 more throughout the day. Within a week, the outbreak went away and I have not had another outbreak since. I’m still out in the sun just as much, have been through sleepless nights and stress and not one outbreak. As a teenager, having Herpes is so embarrassing but thanks to you, I don’t have that to worry about it anymore. I went through years of not being able to eat certain foods, the embarrassment of people staring, not wanting to go to work and random bleeding when you smile, laugh or do something with a cold sore on my lip. I finally do not have to worry about those embarrassing, inconvenient weeks with the painful cold sores and can wear lipstick with a smile.” Brook. G.

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