Wellness Extra


Wellness Extra


Wellness Extra contains our proprietary blend of Humic and Fulvic Acids + 72 naturally-sourced minerals that are commonly depleted in farm crops and soil; our concentrated pill helps to restore many bodily functions to their proper balance.



Detailed Information:

A 100% natural, complex source of Humic and Fulvic Acids with 72 trace minerals in convenient time-release pill form. Known for its powerful electrolytes and antioxidants, these carboxylic and phenolic acids combined with naturally present organic elements (approximately 0.1 – 3000 ppm) help in a variety of cellular and bodily functions:

  • Helps transfer minerals through cell membranes
  • Supports immune system regulation, may help diminish cold sores and outbreaks
  • Promotes energy and mental acuity
  • Improves oxygen levels in blood
  • Binds to heavy metals and toxic free radicals
  • May counteract oxidative stress

For more information on our Humic and Fulvic Acid, please visit our Information Area.

Instructions: Each serving provides a full 780 mg of Humic and Fulvic Acids. Adults: Take 2 capsules a day.

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