Mangosteen Oil Combo Set


Mangosteen Oil Combo Set

About Mangosteen Oil

Mangosteen oil is beneficial for its anti-ageing properties. Because of its ability to stabilize cells, it supports the ability to maintain the healthy appearance of skin and provide hydrating benefits.

​This oil is ideal for use in products designed to provide unique hydrating, conditioning and moisturizing benefits to skin and hair. Mangosteen also provides a protective barrier which helps to heal compromised skin bring about balance, calming inflammation and can be applied at full strength.

It has been proven that mangosteen contain polyphenols called Xanthones which can help to boost the immune system of the skin.



Detailed Information:



unrefined cold pressed mangosteen seed oil.

Body Butter –

Made with one of the most exotic oils of all time. This body butter will leave your skin silky smooth. Experience the benefits of mangosteen which is filled with skin protective antioxidants and nutrients, that repair and restore the skin’s moisture and balance.

Key Ingredients

Unrefined Cold Pressed mangosteen seed oil, aloe butter, vitamin e oil, cupuacu butter.

Suggested use

Suggested Use: Apply Liberally over the entire body following a bath or shower on damp skin

Body Scrub –

Exfoliate, moisturise and replenish your skin with this unique and exotic body scrub. Made with unrefined Mangosteen oil which offers antioxidants, lasting hydration, and promotes healthier looking skin. Along with the exotic fragrance, this skin reparative scrub is a must have that exfoliates the skin to reveal your natural glow. Formulated with organic ingredients that leaves your skin feeling nourished, silky smooth and pampered.

Suggested Use:

Scoop out a generous amount and apply onto your skin. Do not wet skin before use. Gently massage on concentrated areas for about 1 minute. Rinse in the shower. Be aware that the oils may make your bathroom floor slippery. Pat dry with the towel and follow with Mangosteen body butter for extra moisture if needed.

Key Ingredients:

Unrefined mangosteen oil, organic aloe vera butter, vitamin e oil (Natural Mixed Tocopherols), organic unrefined cane (sugar turbinado), natural mangosteen fragrance.

These products are made using organic oils and butters from natural nuts, seeds, plants and fruit. Please note that they maintain the natural colors, textures and scents of the plants which are the main source of their healing properties. This product is free of harsh preservatives, parabens, chemicals and contains no GMO ingredients.

The product has not been tested on animals and is suitable for vegans.


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