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Give your brain a boost with 4Life Transfer Factor ReCall—a smarter brain health formula that contains magnesium and a proprietary blend of Ginkgo biloba, lemon balm, antioxidants, and other herbal nutrients shown to enhance brain function. 4Life Transfer Factor Recall also contains 4Life Transfer Factor® to educate and enhance the immune system! Take three (3) capsules daily to support improved memory, learning function, and healthy brain circulation.*

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Name Range Discount
Discount Based on Quantity 3 - 5 5 %
Discount Based on Quantity 6 - 11 7 %
Discount Based on Quantity 12 - 1000 10 %

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Why Care for the Brain?

The brain needs more energy than any other organ in the body

• Today’s modern lifestyle drains the
brain and impacts cognition.
• The brain is affected by a general lack of sleep
and liquid intake, constant use of electronics,
stress, sugar, and diminished social interaction

4Life Transfer Factor ReCall

• Supports circulation to the brain*
• Supports healthy neurotransmitter function*
• Provides antioxidant support*
• Supports healthy brain function, including cognition, learning, and memory

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