Collagen Bone Broth Chicken


Collagen Bone Broth Chicken

Sip. Savor. Stir. Sip – Mix a packet into 4-8 fluid ounces of warm water in your favorite mug, and enjoy! Savor – Add cooked veggies and meats to this savory broth base. Stir – Mix a packet into your favorite recipe or warm dish for enhanced benefits. Cleanse Days – Use one to two servings on Cleanse Days for warm, savory nutrition.



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Discount Based on Quantity 3 - 5 5 %
Discount Based on Quantity 6 - 11 7 %
Discount Based on Quantity 12 - 1000 10 %

Detailed Information:

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It’s often described as the glue that holds us together. Our bodies’ production of collagen starts to decline as early as our mid-20s, leaving us with both a physical change on the outside and decreased functionality on the inside. Now, you can nourish your body’s collagen the best way we know how: by consuming it.

With Collagen Bone Broth, you can support healthy collagen production, resulting in hydrated skin. Collagen helps to retain and restore the body’s structure of skin, joints, muscles, and more

Just sip, stir, and serve it your way. Our collagen is sourced from grass-fed cows never treated with routine antibiotics or hormones, and a boost of vitamin C ensures you’ll feel good from the inside out. Plus, Collagen Bone Broth provides savory satisfaction on Cleanse Days.

Includes: 1 box of Collagen Bone Broth Chicken and Herb (15 count)

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