Améo Sleep


Améo Sleep


Améo Vetiver (5 ml)

Améo Atlas Cedarwood (15 ml)

Améo Orange (15 ml)

Améo Roman Chamomile (5 ml)

Améo Fractionated Coconut Oil (6 oz)

Améo True Lavender (15 ml)



Name Range Discount
Discount Based on Quantity 3 - 5 5 %
Discount Based on Quantity 6 - 11 7 %
Discount Based on Quantity 12 - 1000 10 %

Detailed Information:

During sleep, new brain pathways to improve learning and memory are created. The heart and blood vessels undergo essential repair processes. Hormones that affect appetitive are balanced while you sleep. Human growth hormone is released during deep sleep, which promotes normal growth in children and teens and boosts lean muscle mass and repairs cell and tissues in adults, teens, and children. Knowing this, it isn’t any wonder that poor sleep is associated with weight gain, poor cardiovascular and kidney function, and deficient blood sugar control. This is why we created the Améo Sleep Bundle, so you can aim for an optimal night’s sleep. With both the body and mind soothed and relaxed, you can get better sleep quality and quantity so you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

Améo Vetiver, Atlas Cedarwood, Orange, Roman Chamomile, True Lavender Essential Oils: Place 3 drops each of Atlas Cedarwood and Orange, 2 drops of True Lavender, and Vetiver, and 1 drop of Roman Chamomile in your diffuser and diffuse beginning 15 minutes prior to bed and throughout the night; or massage one drop of each oil with equal parts of Améo Fractionated Coconut Oil into the feet about 15 minutes prior to bed.

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