4Life NanoFactor Glutamine Prime®


4Life NanoFactor Glutamine Prime®

Glutamine fuel to power immune cell activity*

• Fuels immune cell activity*

• Supports immune function, especially during times of increased stress*

• Features the immune system support of NanoFactor® extract*

• Energizes the support of other 4Life Transfer Factor® products*



Name Range Discount
Discount Based on Quantity 3 - 5 5 %
Discount Based on Quantity 6 - 11 7 %
Discount Based on Quantity 12 - 1000 10 %

Detailed Information:

What is 4Life NanoFactor Glutamine Prime?

4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime® supplies an added source of support for healthy immune cell function, especially during times of increased stress.* Glutamine is an amino acid that serves as a major source of fuel for immune cells. Glutamine is continually needed and used by the immune system but reserves can become depleted by additional everyday stress, such as exercising and training for athletic events, keeping up with busy day-to-day life, or struggling with various health problems. Glutamine Prime is formulated with the rich energy source of glutamine to help optimize immune cell function.* In addition, it includes the building blocks of the important antioxidant glutathione, which helps protect cells from oxidation caused by free radicals, and features 4Life’s NanoFactor® extract for enhanced communication between immune cells.* Glutamine Prime is an excellent companion product to the complete line of 4Life Transfer Factor® products.

Key Features

• Features NanoFactor extract that supports enhanced communication between immune cells for a more coordinated immune response when under stress.*
• Supplies fuel to immune cells with the important amino acid glutamine.*
• Includes the building blocks of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant produced in every cell of the body, including immune cells.
• Provides synergistic immune system support when taken with any 4Life Transfer Factor product.* Did you know? Glutamine is synthesized by most body tissues and absorbed from food sources such as meat, dairy products, and beans.

Primary Support: Immune System Overall Wellness

Secondary Support: Energy Antioxidant Digestive Health

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